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The Mouth-Watering Terex® TL260 Wheeled Loader


Terex TL260 Wheeled Loader Used to Transport Cocoa


If you are the kind of person that craves chocolate, a large warehouse run by the H.D. Cotterell company in the port of Hamburg should be right up your street. This is the place where cocoa beans, the base product used to produce fine chocolate, are transported using a large Terex® TL260 wheeled loader.


Chocolate lovers would be astonished at how many “bars of chocolate” are stockpiled at Cotterell’s 8,000 sq m warehouse in Hamburg. Just one of the three storage bays in the hall contains around 6000 metric tonnes of raw cocoa beans. To put it another way, that’s equivalent to 96 million bars of pure temptation in the form of our beloved 100g bars.


The cocoa beans arrive by ship, 60% of which are delivered as loose material in bulk carriers and 40% are delivered as container goods in bags. On arrival, the cargo is brought into the hall where a Terex TL260 wheeled loader with a light-material bucket pours the loose cocoa beans into the large funnel of a conveyor belt system so that the product can be stockpiled. “We have only recently begun to use the wheeled loader. When we decided to purchase a new one, we set out a precise set of requirements and the Terex TL260 meets our expectations perfectly,” says Thomas D. Cotterell, the fifth-generation manager of the company. The Terex dealer Atlas Hamburg delivered the perfect wheeled loader following an in-depth consultation and discussion. Equipped with a high-tip bucket for lightweight material with a capacity of six cubic metres (manufactured to the customer‘s specifications), the TL260 is in use six days a week.


The wheeled loader is driven by Michael Vollbrecht, a skilled operator at the port of Hamburg for 34 years. The bucket holds 3.2 metric tonnes of cocoa beans, which helps make quick work in feeding the beans into the funnel for stockpiling and loading the bulk material on to the lorry for transport. “The high-tip bucket is the right tool for both jobs,” explains Michael. “We like to use the machine in this configuration and, depending on the size of the lorry, we can quickly finish the job after just six or seven loads. After that, we can move on to the next one.” Ten or more lorries are frequently loaded each day. In the run up to the weekend, there is a rush to supply the factories with enough raw cocoa to allow production to continue round the clock.


For Mr Vollbrecht, carrying out the maintenance check on the TL260 each day before starting work is simply a matter of course. “It works just perfectly – the cover for the engine compartment can be opened from the ground and all of the points to be checked are within easy reach. The oil dipstick and fan are in exactly the right place, which is really important because if you had to start climbing onto the machine or contorting yourself into difficult positions, this would be time-consuming.”


The cooling system with air intake is located behind the cab. With its additional cartridge, the air filter is doubly secure and requires less maintenance. This standard piece of kit for the TL260 is very important during cocoa loading operations, as a terrific amount of dust is produced. An additional air filter fitted on the side can be inspected from outside.


Thanks to the short tail, the driver has excellent visibility and the loader is exceptionally manoeuvrable.


Short trips and user-friendly controls (the Terex TL260 has a single-lever pilot control with an integrated travel direction selection switch) make the large TL260 a productive solution.


By purchasing the Terex TL260, Mr Cotterell has purchased a machine with all the features he regarded as essential for his company. “The complete package that we received from the Terex dealer thoroughly fulfilled our expectations. Modifications and special requests such as the size of the high-tip bucket were implemented to perfection. The loading height was also important to us and the TL260 met all our specifications. And from a commercial perspective, we couldn’t have been happier.”







Image 1:

A huge amount of dust is produced when the TL260 tips its load of raw cocoa into the funnel ready for stockpiling, but due to the innovative air filter system, there is no operational impact






Image 2:

With its light-material bucket, the TL260 completes the bulk material loading tasks for which it was originally designed.




Image 3:

The light-material high-tip bucket on the TL260 was manufactured to customer specifications




All photos: Terex


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