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Australia, October 2012 - Well-established New South Wales watercart hire company successfully expands its business with site dumper rentals. TWS Hire, "The Watercart Specialist", operates a large fleet of car licence, self-drive watercarts, typically hired out to construction companies for dust suppression on road works, excavation and construction sites. The company supplies the greater Sydney region from Grafton on the far north coast down to Wollongong and the south coast of New South Wales


"We noticed that many contractors had a need for moving material on difficult construction sites. These tasks involved steep slopes, sandy ground or other surfaces that aren't suited to road trucks, or sites that other vehicles find too challenging," said TWS Hire's general manager, Billy Bastian.


"Just over three years ago, we acquired our first Terex® TA6 site dumpers. It soon became apparent that our customers had applications that demanded swivel dumpers, so we have added four Terex TA6 S swivel dumpers to our hire fleet.


"Customers have also used our Terex dumpers for dam clearing, carting residual materials to a dump and for backfilling trenches.


"Our TA6 dumpers are great machines - very tough. We have had absolutely no problems with any of them, even with extended time on sites where the hirer uses their own drivers who may not be familiar with operating this type of equipment.


"Many of our customers need a six-tonne dumper because their jobs are becoming more difficult for road trucks to access.


"With conditional registration, the vehicles can cross or work on roads. Whether carting broken road base, concrete or backfill, their four wheel drive and large footprint tyres with all-terrain tread is a huge asset, particularly on sloping sites. There are very few places where these dumpers cannot operate.


"With its very user-friendly four-speed/automatic transmission, gears can be changed on demand. Yet the machine will do the thinking for you. When a stockpile has to be moved from several streets away, the dumper's road speed of 27km makes it an efficient performer.


"After a week of wet weather, they are used by some hirers for catching up on lost time - truly all-weather vehicles especially with the canopy to protect the operator. The folding ROPS canopy is also very handy and can be moved down over the engine if the machine has to be moved for low clearance access.


"The Perkins turbo diesel engine is extremely reliable and economical to run. Even after working on sites all day you might only use a 20 litre can of diesel. It's a simple engine that we can service ourselves to help ensure the equipment is maintained in optimum condition," Billy said.


Terex site dumpers are sold and serviced throughout Australia by ASV Sales & Service. For more information, call 1300 TEREX1, or visit





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A Terex® TA6 dumper at work on utility works on Sydney street






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