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TEREX® TL120 – IDEAL for road building

The TL120 wheel loader proves its worth on Zöller-Bau GmbH’s road project


LENGFURT (GERMANY), 23rd January 2013 – Zöller-Bau GmbH, based in Lengfurt, Germany, is a specialist in sewer and water pipeline construction, earthmoving and road building as well as cable work. "We have ten compact Terex® wheel loaders and have found they are essential all-round machines and real top performers on our construction sites," emphasised Dieter Hofmann, CEO of Zöller-Bau.

Since Autumn 2012, Zöller-Bau GmbH has been using a new Terex TL120 on the steep Valentinusberg street in Lohr am Main, Germany, where the company is developing a 500 metre access road. Sewer, gas and water pipes have been re-laid in the partially rocky terrain. The robust Terex wheel loader has proven its versatility in loading excavated material, moving sand and gravel, and filling. "The compact Terex machine is ideal for this type of work as well as for loading and unloading with the fork lift attachment," said Hofmann, adding: "We are extremely pleased with our Terex wheeled loaders."

A stable, well compacted foundation is required for the road surface and pavement, which is paved as a drainage channel. "To create the subgrade for the base course, we are using a tried and tested SBV55 H3 plate compactor from Stehr, which we can also attach to our new Terex wheel loader. This is another reason why we opted for the TL120," stressed Hofmann. The separation of the closed circuit hydrostatic travel drive from the loader hydraulics, which is typical for Terex, proved useful when operating the highly efficient attachment with three vibrating plates. The compact wheel loader provides the power for the attachment via the electro-proportionally controlled 230-bar working hydraulics and its standard third control circuit. "This means we can perform excellent compacting while the machine pushes the heavy plate compactor over the subgrade with appropriate power," explained Zöller-Bau driver Olaf Schumacher.

The most powerful of the six machines in the compact wheel loader range from Terex is equipped with a turbo diesel engine from Perkins, providing 62.5 kW (85 hp). This means that the TL120 moves very fast and, thanks to the hydrostatic travel drive, is also very economical. "The Terex wheel loader is very efficient in terms of fuel consumption – and maintenance work can be carried out quickly and easily," emphasised Schumacher.

The advanced hydrostatic drive system of the Terex wheel loader provides robust tractive force and speed in two speed ranges. The drive hydraulics operate independently of the loader’s working hydraulics. "Our new TL120 has been equipped with a low-speed device and a pressure-free hydraulic return especially for the operation of the plate compactor. We received excellent advice from Becker Baumaschinen, our Terex distributor, in this regard," stressed Hofmann.

"The control of the hydraulic attachments using the new fingertip control is simply amazing," praised Schumacher. This applies in particular to filling using the side-dump bucket. The fingertip control makes working with the wheel loader easy, even for less experienced drivers. The oil quantity is matched to the hydraulic power requirement via an additional potentiometer. If the driver reduces the oil flow, this increases the precision with which an attachment moves. If he "accelerates", i.e. increases the amount of oil in the system, the speed of the movement quickens.

The fully hydraulic, central articulated steering with two steering cylinders with cushioned end positions responds rapidly and readily to each steering wheel turn, even during engine idling thanks to a load sensing priority valve. "This means we can move with ease, even on very tight construction sites," added Schumacher. This is due to the maximum steering angles of 40° left and right and the compact design. The maximum load can be lifted even during fork lift operation while articulated.

Terex wheel loaders possess excellent stability thanks to excellent weight distribution and the transversely mounted engine at the rear. "This is an advantage which should not be underestimated and one that is always mentioned by our customers," said Dieter Schneider, an experienced field employee at Becker Baumaschinen. The oscillating rear axle provides additional driver comfort and helps to keep the load balanced while travelling. With a swing angle of 24° (approximately ± 12° up or down), all four wheels maintain contact with the ground, even on challenging terrain. The permanent four-wheel drive and the automatic self-locking differentials on the front and rear axles are an additional advantage during operation.

Driver Schumacher is also impressed by the ergonomic cab of the Terex wheel loaders which can be accessed through the full-size doors on either side. "The cab provides excellent visibility of the working area around the machine," said Schumacher. This is thanks to the fact that the cab is 85 percent made of glass. Noise and vibration damping in the cab and excellent ventilation help Schumacher to concentrate fully on his work, even on long days.

Zöller-Bau GmbH is currently using a total of ten compact Terex wheel loaders of different performance classes, including two TL100 machines and a TL120 from the current wheel loader series. Dieter Hofmann rates Terex machines highly due to their cost effectiveness. "Terex wheel loaders are ideal for sewer and pipeline construction, road building, earthmoving including land restoration and for fork lift operation." Hofmann has been the commercial manager of Zöller-Bau GmbH since the company, of about 50 employees, was founded in 1975.

The renowned Terex distributor Becker-Baumaschinen GmbH is a reliable and reputable partner of Zöller-Bau. Experienced field employees, such as Dieter Schneider, whose advice is highly valued by Zöller-Bau, look after customers in Upper Franconia, Lower Franconia and in the north of Middle Franconia. Construction companies, municipal enterprises and waste management companies profit from the close proximity of the three well-equipped Becker sites in Bavaria: Haßfurt (headquarters), Retzbach and Bindlach. Each site features modern workshops and an extensive selection of machines for rental.





Caption 1: The Terex TL120 proves to be a reliable machine for compacting the foundation of the planned driving surface in combination with the three vibration plates.


Caption 2: The robust steering allows the driver to operate the machine smoothly and efficiently even in tight spaces.


Caption 3: The ergonomic cab provides ideal working conditions with 85 percent glass for excellent visibility and noise as well as vibration damping.






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