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New machine works faster, provides greater operator comfort and cuts maintenance times

(currently not available for distribution in North America. Contact for further info.)


Coventry, England 19 October 2012 – Terex is expanding the capability of its backhoe loader range with the launch of the new TLB890. The Terex® TLB890 features a curved boom design, excellent hydraulic pressure and a high-torque 74.5kW (100hp) engine, which provides outstanding tear out forces and fast cycle times. A feature operators will also enjoy is the spacious and ergonomic cab.


Jon Beckley, Product Manager for Terex backhoe loaders said: “Through our research, we know our customers want their machine to dig deep, have excellent maneuverability and provide economic yet powerful performance - and they want to do this in comfort. With our new 890 model, we have met these requirements and more to help our customers achieve exceptional job site performance.”


In developing the TLB890, Terex designed this advanced machine to deliver the performance and economy that customers require. As part of the development process, Terex engineers challenged the TLB890 through extensive field evaluations in a variety of tough climatic conditions to test its components to the point of failure, The result is the new TLB890 backhoe loader which is designed to not only fulfill customers’ performance expectations but do so in combination with outstanding reliability and durability.


Key to the TLB890’s powerful performance is its new high-pressure hydraulic system, high-force cylinders and new boom design. These design improvements result in an impressive slew torque which provides powerful and quick backfilling particularly when working on cross slopes. The curved boom design also allows trucks to be positioned closer to the machine for short loading cycles and a new “Deep Dig” innerslide extending dipperstick delivers fast working cycles and high retraction force for rapid bucket filling.

The TLB890 is available with state-of-the-art pilot controls or conventional mechanical levers in SAE, ISO or cross pattern layout. Pilot control versions get a single variable displacement piston pump (in place of tandem gear pumps) and thumbwheels on the joysticks to control the dipper extension and any attachments. A second auxiliary line is available with both configurations.


To meet the demand for greater operator comfort and convenience, the TLB890’s ROPS/FOPS cab comes with a choice of a mechanical or air suspension seat as well as additional sockets for phones and MP3 players. Its large ‘up-and-over’ opening rear screen improves the view of the digging operation while opening rear quarter windows provide extra ventilation. A new and more powerful air conditioning system cools the cab in half the time versus other Terex backhoe loaders and includes a chill box to store food and drinks.


The operator’s view during loader operations is superb thanks to its slim bucket cylinder design. The combination of a new reach and rake adjustable steering wheel and front axle steering geometry design makes the new backhoe loader easy to steer and manoeuvre around the work site. A new rear axle with outboard planetary gears gives the TLB890 a 41km/h maximum travel speed while large diameter wet discs provide excellent braking performance while reducing pedal effort.


The well-proven four-forward/four-reverse Synchro Shuttle manual gearbox is a standard feature on the TLB890. An optional Servo Power Syncro (SPS) transmission with manual control and auto-shift capability is also available. This advanced transmission comes with hydraulic selector fork gear engagement instead of clutch pack operation which reduces drag by 9% resulting in increased performance and fuel economy. Both gearboxes incorporate an internal transmission handbrake which helps protect the mechanism from external damage, corrosion and dirt ingress.


The TLB890 is equipped with a new cast iron hard nose counterweight which is designed to provide additional damage protection for components at the front of the machine including the 74.5kW (100hp) Perkins Stage IIIA engine. This proven power unit now boasts a new charge air system which improves low speed performance and reduces both fuel use and noise levels.




The TLB890 offers many new maintenance and cost-reducing features, including externally replaceable wear pads on the extending dipper and stabiliser legs, and the cab entry steps can be detached from the fuel tank for repair or replacement.


For safety and speed during the daily checks, the hood opening catch is positioned inside the cab and the isolator switch is within easy reach beneath the fully tilting engine cover. Also beneath the hood are new jump start posts for connecting jump leads to use the TLB890’s battery to start other machines.


Terex TLB890 backhoe loader specifications


Engine power (kW/hp)


Engine torque at speed (Nm@rpm)


Max travel speed (kph)


Backhoe slew torque (kNm)


Dipper tearout Standard Retracted/ Extended (kN)

41.1 / 41.1 / 29

Bucket tearout Speed dig/Power dig with HD bucket (kN)


Dig depth - Standard Retracted/ Extended (mm)

4498 / 4498 / 5698

Loader bucket breakout (kN)


Loader arm breakout (kN)


Loadover height (mm)


Hydraulic lift capacity at full height (kg)





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