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New design improves productivity

*Not available in North America


Bauma, Munich, Germany, 15th April 2013 – The much anticipated Terex® TLB890 backhoe loader gets a starring role among more than 20 Terex Construction machines on the company’s stand at bauma (F7. 710/711).


Distinguished by its curved boom design, the TLB890 features a high pressure (250 bar) hydraulic system providing high tearout forces and fast cycle times. The curved boom design enables trucks to be positioned closer to the machine for short loading cycles.


An internally-extending Deep Dig dipper design reduces maintenance and develops an increased 41.1kN of tearout when retracted (as does the non-extending dipper) and 29kN when fully extended. At the digging end, bucket tearout reaches 60.3kN and this can be boosted to 67.8kN using the new Power Dig pin position on the optional Heavy Duty (HD) bucket.


The TLB890 is available with state-of-the-art pilot controls or conventional mechanical levers in SAE, ISO or cross pattern. Pilot control versions get a single variable displacement piston pump (in place of tandem gear pumps) and thumbwheels on the joysticks to control the dipper extension and any attachments. A second auxiliary line is available with both configurations.


At the front end, a slim bucket cylinder provides an excellent view of loader operations while still delivering 55.4kN of breakout. Intelligently-designed front axle steering geometry reduces steering effort while the reach and rake adjustable steering wheel helps to improve operator comfort.


The TLB890’s rear axle gives it a 41kph (25.6mph) maximum travel speed and its wet disc brakes are positioned outboard and have a bigger diameter to improve braking performance while at the same time reducing pedal effort.


The standard transmission is a four-forward/four-reverse Synchro Shuttle and a revised Servo Power Synchro (SPS) transmission with manual control and auto-shift capability is an option. This transmission uses hydraulic selector fork gear engagement (instead of clutch pack operation) which reduces drag, resulting in increased performance and fuel economy.


To increase operator comfort, the revised ROPS/FOPS cab is 100mm wider than previous Terex backhoes and has a large ‘up-and-over’ opening rear window to improve the view of the digging operation. A powerful air conditioning system rapidly cools the cab and there are opening rear quarter windows for extra ventilation.


Customers have the choice of a mechanically or air suspension seat and there is a cool box to store food and drinks and an additional 12V auxiliary socket for phones and MP3 players.


Among the TLB890’s many maintenance and cost-reducing features are externally replaceable wear pads on the extending dipper and stabiliser legs, and cab entry steps that can be detached from the fuel tank for repair or replacement. A hard nose counterweight also protects components at the front of the machine.


To speed the daily checks and improve security, the isolator switch is positioned within easy reach beneath the fully tilting engine cover and the catch to release the engine cover is inside the cab. Also beneath the engine cover are new jump start posts for connecting jump leads to start other machines.


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