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Terex® PT100G Loader Boosts Productivity FOR JSB Fencing & MachineRY Hire

Versatile compact track loader tackles Western Australia’s biggest projects




SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, July 1, 2013 --- With a reputation for fencing, machinery and labour hire services throughout Perth and Western Australia, Steve Blackaller of JSB Fencing and Machinery Hire knows how important it is to exceed client expectations on every project. The key to this, he claims, is having the right machinery.


JSB recently purchased a Terex® PT100G compact track loader with a standard bucket and auger attachment. And the results, says Steve, have been impressive.


“We purchased the PT100G three months ago and have already used it for an incredibly large number of jobs, from digging post holes and backfilling trenches to levelling earth, digging tunnels and removing dirt. It just hasn’t stopped. The Posi-Track™ suspension on the track system is definitely one of the PT100G’s biggest advantages. It’s especially valuable when we’re working with difficult terrain, such as rocky earth that’s even harder than limestone,” comments Steve.


Among the most popular Terex compact track loaders, the PT100G is also the most powerful and the most efficient of the series. Its Posi-Track suspended undercarriage technology, with a 457 millimetre wide rubber track, makes it ideal for rigid excavation and challenging conditions. A 508 millimetre track is also available for an even higher level of traction and flotation.


The PT100G also features a two-speed hydrostatic drive system that enables rapid travel and high-torque work speed, as well as a ‘creep’ mode and adjustable sensitivity settings.

Simple operation, pilot-operated joystick controls (with two control patterns to choose from) and a range of attachments and station options make the PT100G stand out in the eyes of JSB’s machine operators. Its high-capacity cooling system is also ideal for brush cutting, mulching and cold planing.


JSB Fencing invested in their first Terex Posi-Track loader seven years ago, when they were invited to dig and clear tunnels for the Western Australian Government’s $1.4 billion MetroRail Project. “We bought the Posi-Track loader, lifted it into the tunnel by crane and were comfortable operating it immediately,” recalls Steve. “We were the first company to use the Posi-Track track loader 22 metres underground, where we found ourselves in two feet of mud and water, which is a very challenging environment.”


“Ordinarily the job would’ve been extremely difficult, but because of the flotation on the loader’s tracks, the PT100G Posi-Track loader never got bogged; it just ran across the ground, which was fantastic and meant we got the job done much faster,” Steve added.


The PT100G remains one of JSB’s most heavily utilized track loaders – and the company intends to stay loyal to the Terex brand. “We are currently installing fencing at Whiteman Park in Perth and the Terex loader has made an outstanding contribution there, too. The park is mostly sand and it’s very boggy, with a high sink factor. If we didn’t have the PT100G our work would be substantially slower.


“With the PT100G, we don’t need any traction in order to excavate or dig and complete the work. The PT100G is about three times faster and more efficient than the other competitive machines we used to use and three times more productive than any other same-sized machine.”


A smooth ride and ultimate driver comfort also contribute to JSB Fencing’s high opinion of the PT100G. “We work with many older operators here, who are in their 40s and 50s, and they’ve told us that the PT100Gs are extremely easy and effortless to drive,” says Steve.


“Our operators love the smoothness, the comfort and the efficiency of the PT100G and that’s something we value, too. If our operators are comfortable, their productivity will benefit -- and our clients will complete their projects sooner.”


An expanding family business, JSB Fencing and Machinery Hire are proud of the company’s hard-earned reputation for environmental stewardship. They are currently working on the Gorgon Gas Project on Barrow Island, an engineering challenge of unprecedented complexity and scale.

Commonly referred to as the modern-day equivalent of the Snowy Mountains Hydro Electric Scheme, the Gorgon Gas Project represents a dramatic advancement in engineering capability.


Set within a Class A Nature Reserve, this project requires world-class technology and expertise. With a legal obligation to meet strict environmental guidelines, it’s no surprise that only those contractors with the right equipment, professional processes and a ‘can-do’ culture are invited to assist.


Having the right machinery to keep our clients happy is our primary goal and we’re glad to be working with Terex on this,” reports Steve. “They are the kind of company who will bend over backwards to help you out and they understand our goals and values, too. We know they are just as focused on better machine functionality and comfort as we are, and that’s something that is going to sustain us for the future.”


The performance of the PT100G has made such a positive impact on the company’s productivity that they are considering upgrading most of the fleet to Terex compact track loaders over the next few years.



Photo: JSB Fencing’s Terex PT100G





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