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Drain upgrades, sewage system construction, underground cabling – the Terex® TC16 mini excavator is perfectly suited to municipal investment projects. And in Otwock, just outside Warsaw, Poland, a TC16 is currently busily engaged in one such project.


WARSAW, POLAND, JUNE 2013. Jarosław Grudziński, owner of Przedsiębiorstwo Robót Telekomunikacyjnych, (“Jartel”) from the Warsaw suburb of Józefów carefully considered buying his next mini crawler excavator. He was looking for a machine which would, with its compact build and solid and stable construction, be deployable for smaller jobs – chiefly the installation of fibre optic cabling in the towns and villages around Warsaw. Jartel has been in the telecoms installation business for 22 years and offers services such as: building cable ducts, construction of copper, fibre optic and computer networks as well as the upgrade and build-out of telecoms infrastructure for road-building and development projects. In 2012, Jartel completed more than 120 water and sewage connections in Józefów and neighbouring municipalities, including at Otwock, where the Terex TC16 excavator is working right now.


Spacious cabin and doors on both sides


The excavator is currently employed on a municipal investment which involves the dismantling of SK2 wells, replacement of the bigger wells with smaller ones, construction of cable ducts, cable wells and ONU telecommunication cabinets, with the end goal of bringing the small town high speed internet access.


“We specialise in short investment projects which require high precision. This is why we chose the Terex mini crawler excavator which meets all of our requirements. It’s small, agile and fuel efficient,” says Grudziński.


Previously, Grudziński had used a machine from a competing brand, but he needed a new, robust excavator which would allow him to complete contracts relatively quickly. He got in touch with one of the Terex dealers in Poland - EWPA Maszyny Budowlane Sp. z o.o. - and taking advantage of the attractive financing terms on offer, he decided to buy a Terex machine.


“I haven’t been disappointed. The Terex mini crawler excavator has been designed to do exactly what it’s meant for. It is working for us on earth works in confined areas, digging, drainage, loading and unloading and building site preparation,” said Grudziński.


The employees working on the job in Otwock share the same opinion. A particular feature they praised is the sturdy design of the excavator, which can operate even in poor conditions. The operator, Zbigniew Sulejewski, complimented the spacious, sound-proofed cabin which has excellent visibility. He also favoured the doors on both sides of the cabin, which give the operator easy exit and access no matter how the machine is positioned on the site – a feature not commonly available in the Polish market.


“There’s nothing nicer for an operator of a machine like this than to be comfortable while working. This excavator is so comfortable, because it is unusually easy to operate and, thanks to the large cabin, one has excellent visibility of the building site,” said operator Sulejewski.



Very good access to service points


The TC16 mini crawler excavator is very popular in Poland and is one of the most commonly bought construction machines in the country.


Our clients appreciate these machines for their durability, excellent functionality and great digging power (dig depth 2.2 to 2.4m; monobloc boom with extended 1300 mm dipperstick). Most importantly for us is that existing clients, who already own a Terex machine, always ask us about new Terex products when buying more equipment. Mr Grudziński’s excavator was additionally fitted with a roof-mounted lifting beam which allows the excavator to be lifted by a hydraulic vehicle crane. This is a real plus because fast unloading of the excavator from its transport really saves time and money. The customer is also pleased with the excellent servicing for the machine. The machine is capable of being worked hard on a daily basis, and access to the service centres is very good,” says Krzysztof Bilski, a representative of Terex dealer, EWPA.


The construction team from Otwock described a list of additional features which positively impact the quality of the work including the moveable tracks (hydraulic or mechanical), the ability to extend the dozer blade, the top-mounted master cylinder, doors on both sides of the cabin, the two-way hydraulics on the excavator arm, the ability to perform three movements simultaneously and the hydraulic oil cooler unit on the side of the machine.


Given its versatility and convenient after-sales servicing, the TC16 excavator is likely to serve Jartel and the Warsaw suburbs for many years to come.


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