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WARSAW, POLAND, 4th OCTOBER 2013. Henryk Łachacki has run his transport and trading company for more than twenty years from the village of Rząsnik outside Wyszków in the Mazovian region of Poland. The firm is a wholesaler of metal remnants and scrap, collecting materials from factories all over Poland and selling them on to steel mills. This business requires specialized and very durable construction equipment and Mr. Łachacki has extensive experience with a wide variety of construction machines. He bought his Terex® TL120 wheel loader three years ago from EWPA Maszyny Budowlane Sp z o.o., one of the Terex distributors in Poland. He was looking for a machine that could work at any time of year and be able to clear snow and landscape the terrain where the scrap is stored. But this is not all.


“This business needs plenty of space. Scrap metal storage sites are very large and, when we have a high number of orders, we need to be able to buy or rent additional land. Sometimes these plots need levelling and for this we need a really tough construction machine,” says Henryk Łachacki.


Speed and efficiency


This is how the Terex TL120 compact wheel loader began its work for Mr Łachacki. For several weeks it was levelling the terrain around an expanded storage site, making use of one of the machine’s best attributes – its large bucket. Because of this, the levelling process was finished quickly and efficiently. Today, the machine is sometimes used for landscaping, but more often for other tasks, like moving scrap metal or loading, unloading and transporting various materials.


“This wheel loader can do many things – we can use it for transporting materials in its bucket or as a fork lift or as a tractor. It also fits in a container so, if necessary, we can take it to another site quickly and easily,” adds Łachacki.


Mr Łachacki also commented that if he was to buy another machine for his business, he would have no hesitation in choosing a Terex compact wheel loader. “It’s a multi-purpose, amazingly versatile machine which we can deploy on many different, often difficult, tasks for long periods,” he said.



According to the machine operator, Sławomir Słomczyński, the best feature of the TL120 is the excellent visibility from the cabin which means he can work quickly and efficiently. “I can precisely control each movement of the bucket or fork-lift even when working very intensely. The cabin itself deserves high praise – it is comfortable, spacious and quiet and the operator’s chair has a hydraulic shock absorber and can be regulated for weight. Another advantage is the two doors on the cabin which makes getting in and out much quicker and easier,” Słomczyński said.



Convenient, economical service


The TL120 compact wheel loader was designed to be used in a variety of settings on a range of different tasks both by heavy industry and also by companies such as recycling businesses. Customers can choose from a selection of buckets (e.g. earth bucket, light-material bucket, side-dump bucket, high-tip bucket) and 1120mm-wide fork lift attachments which can lift even 3.5 tonnes. Mr. Łachacki also highlights the cost-efficient, powerful, 62.5kW (85 hp) turbo charged diesel engine with low exhaust emissions.


Marek Miller, of EWPA, points out that one of the TL120’s pluses is the ease of service.


“The TL120 loader only needs a compulsory service after every 500 hours of use. So the client doesn’t have the problem of frequent, high service costs. It’s also worth highlighting the good supply of spare parts for Terex machines,” says Miller.


Recently, Terex has upgraded many of its machines, including the TL120 wheel loader. The latest models benefit from a new slimmer front, a lower noise level in the cabin and new engines, increasing the power output and providing lower fuel consumption.


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