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Micro excavator conquers the New Zealand terrain with Walkway Solutions



WELLINGTON, New Zealand, November 15, 2013 - Walkway Solutions put the Terex® TC10 excavator through its paces recently, investing in the micro machine for a walkway upgrade in the Rimutaka Forest National Park, near Wellington, New Zealand.


No stranger to challenging terrain, the TC10 excavator was the perfect fit for the work.


“We firstly bought the TC10 micro excavator because of its size,” explains Allan Bernsten, Owner and Manager of Walkway Solutions. “The track was only 1.2 metres wide and this machine fits easily on that track. We were also limited to a maximum of 1.2 tonnes if we were going to walk the machine in, rather than fly.”


At only 760mm wide and with an operating weight of 1.158 tonnes — 59 percent lighter than the average in its class — the TC10 excavator fits comfortably under the limit to save Bernsten the expense of hiring a helicopter.


The added benefit of the foldable 2-column FOPS canopy allows the TC10 to fit through low spaces, enabling the micro excavator to access areas where other machinery cannot go.


“The folding canopy was brilliant. Because a lot of the trees were very dense and low, we could simply take the canopy off to drive the digger under the tree, then put the canopy back on,” said Bernsten.


With a 7.6kW engine and maximum dig depth of 1.62m, the TC10 micro excavator packs a punch.


“The TC10 has a lot more pulling power and it’s the smallest digger we’ve had. I wasn’t sure how it would stack up, but we were very pleasantly surprised at the excavator's performance - being more powerful than other machines,” said Bernsten.


Being extremely productive in tight spaces, Bernsten is certain the TC10 excavator has plenty of future applications for Walkway Solutions.


“We operate in a very specialised field - building footbridges, box steps, retaining walls and foundations in challenging locations, whilst being up against snow, 200km winds and the elements of the New Zealand outdoors,” said Bernsten.


Perfectly designed for damp and uneven ground the tracks on the TC10 micro excavator are up to any challenge. “We were driving over rocky ground, uneven tree roots and we didn’t have to adjust the track tension once,” said Bernsten.


With this exceptional handling, productivity is increased and the job can get done quicker. “We’ve been really happy with the Terex micro excavator and we could not have done the job in the Rimutaka Park without it. As a popular tourist destination, the upgraded walkway now makes it possible for more people to enjoy the incredible outdoor experiences that our country has to offer,” concluded Bernsten.



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