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New Generation of Terex® Excavators – stronger, cleaner, and more efficient than before


The "Generation 2014" crawler and wheeled excavators features the new Terex Smart Control operating system and low emission engines to provide more power and higher productivity.


Crailsheim, Germany, April 2014 – Terex recently unveiled three new compact excavators to the market – the TW85 and TW110 wheeled excavators and the TC125 midi crawler excavator. Designed and manufactured at Terex Construction’s Crailsheim facility, the new 2014 machines are equipped with the latest diesel engines which meet the EU Stage IIIB emission standard requirements (corresponds to US EPA Tier 4 interim standard), and are also equipped with proprietary Terex Smart Control system.


Peter Hirschel, Managing Director of Terex Compact Germany GmbH, commented on the generation change: "By concentrating on our core competency of compact construction machinery, we achieved a sustainable improvement in our products. The new Terex compact excavators are not only cleaner, but we have embarked upon considerable development to be able to offer the customer real advantages in productivity. Measurably more power, noticeably more comfort for the operator, and therefore increased work efficiency and productivity."


Engines with more power and lower emissions

In comparison to previous models, the new engines demonstrate an increase in power of 10 to 14% (depending on the model) with reduced fuel consumption and significantly lower emission levels. All three excavators have newly developed water-cooled, 4-cylinder turbo diesel engines with charge air cooling and cooled exhaust gas recirculation, offering more power from reduced displacement.


With a nominal engine speed of 2000 rpm, the updated excavators produce a power output of up to 74.4 KW (101 HP) in the TW85 model and an output of up to 85 KW (116 HP) in the TW110 and TC125 models. Both engines feature an electronically-controlled high pressure common rail injection system and generate a maximum torque of 410 Nm (at 1600 rpm).


In both power types, in comparison to previous models, the engine achieves 90% lower emission values and dispenses with the need for a diesel particle filter. It combines lower fuel consumption rates with higher power (up to 14% more compared to predecessors) as well as reduced noise levels and lower maintenance costs. In addition, the increased power from the engine manifests itself in higher performance on the work attachment, as the power increase translates through to higher hydraulic transport values. This results in greater power reserves available to the work attachment.


Terex Smart Control system developed in-house

A fundamental innovation in the design of the excavators is Terex Smart Control (TSC) - a completely new control and operating system. This includes new control electronics through to a new instrument and joystick design. Maik Schulze, Construction and Development manager, explains: "The Terex Smart Control system was developed in-house. Our requirement was to optimize operation and comfort, power, and ergonomics from the perspective of the operator. The operator shouldn't have to adapt to the excavator, the excavator should meet the needs of the operator."


The TSC system should directly improve efficiency of operation. "The driver has various possibilities to intervene in machine performance directly via the display using the software, for example, when setting the hydraulic power of the additional control circuit,“ explains Maik Schulze. "If the driver has set the proper configuration for the application, the driver saves time and can concentrate fully on the task in hand," Maik Schulze continues.


The design of the excavators centers around the ease of machine operation which helps to improve operator productivity. With the new software, the driver can set functions that are important to his/her individual preferences, for example, the air conditioning system. The menu guide for all functions is laid out in a tile-style display, similar to a smartphone layout, allowing operators to quickly familiarize themselves with the machine.


Redesign of the control elements

The main control elements, such as the joystick and the buttons, have undergone a complete redesign to offer improved ergonomics, surface feel, and grip. Other control functions are integrated into the joystick, which are directly selectable, for example the third electro-proportional control circuit to operate attachments. These innovations provide a noticeable improvement in terms of handling and operator comfort, enabling quicker, smoother and more precise work movements as well as increased performance. The new keypad incorporates fundamental excavator functions and the extra-large keys provide easy operation, even while wearing work gloves.


Reversing fan as standard

Demanding work requires a reliable and efficient cooling system. The hydraulically driven reversing fan is temperature-controlled and runs automatically. However, it also has the option to be switched on manually. The same applies to cleaning intervals – the operator can leave this to happen automatically or select freely as required.


Four independent additional control circuits

Up to four independent additional hydraulic control circuits provide efficient work and powerful operation of attachments in all three excavator models and can be operated simultaneously. The tilt rotator including the hydraulic quick attach system and a hydraulic tool, e.g. sorting grabs, asphalt cutters, or cutting units, can be controlled by the additional control circuits. These additional hydraulic control circuits provide exact, quick work cycles with even and smooth power development.


Service access is made easy

Ease of access to the electrical system is an advantage in terms of servicing and maintenance. All relays and fuses are accessible from the ground and the service flap can be opened without tools. In addition, the main hydraulic components are positioned so that tipping the cab for service inspections is not necessary. The new generation of excavators from Terex also features a GPS interface. Equipped with a corresponding transmitter, data pertaining to servicing and maintenance is transferred to a central server, to improve the performance for fleet service providers.



The Terex Generation 2014 compact excavators promise the owner a combination of high performance and precise, sensitive control. The design of these new models makes them economical, versatile construction machines whatever the operating conditions.


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