Single Drum Rollers

Single Drum Rollers


Designed for the compaction of granular and asphalt materials, Terex® Pedestrian rollers provide class leading perfomance in the development of highway repair, footpaths,cycle lanes, playgrounds and landscaping environments. All Terex® Pedestrian rollers provide superb balance, making them easy to manouevre in tight spaces. 


*Not available in the U.S


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  • Reliable air cooled engine with electrical start for easy start up
  • Hydrostatic transmission for easy maneuverability
  • High quality surface finish on drum for improved results on asphalt surfaces
  • Effective drum clearing from front and rear scraper bar
  • High capacity corrosion free water system ensures drum cleanliness at all times


  • MBR71

    Operating weight
    kg (lbs):

    512 (1,036)
    Drum width
    mm (ft):

    710 (2'3")
    Static linear load
    kg/cm (lbs/in):

    7.21 (40.4)