Terex® Fuchs Telematics System

 The new Terex Fuchs Telematics system offers a modern solution to help you analyze and optimize the efficiency of your machines. The Terex Fuchs Telematics system records and communicates valuable information on the operating status of each individual machine. Where are the machines? How are they working? Is a service check pending? Take advantage of this advanced software and get a handle on your fleet management with the tool that connects for you.


Record, display, and analyse data, High efficiency through precise information:
• Available online anywhere and at any time*: ­comprehensive information on the GPS location, start and stop times, fuel consumption, operating hours, ­maintenance status, and much more.
• User-friendly interface: displays information clearly for at a glance metrics and diagnostics. Take action before damage occurs: predetermined maintenance intervals are signaled and error messages are displayed in plain text messages.
• The Terex Fuchs Telematics system is optionally available or can be retrofitted into existing machines to help control your operating costs and keep  your machines in top shape.

 For information on Terex Fuchs Telematics, download the brochure by clicking here, contact your local Terex Fuchs distributor!