Terex Cranes Legacy Brands

  • Stands for: “Deutsche Maschinenbau AG”
  • Manufacturer of Telescopic Boom All Terrain, Truck and Crawler Cranes with a lifting capacity from 30t to 3,200t.
  • Based in Zweibrücken, Germany
  • Terex-Demag products are sold world-wide today.

Historical Overview

  • 1827

    Dinglerwerke founded by Christian Dingler in Zweibrücken, Germany.

  • 1890

    Lifting equipment produced for the local coal mines and steel industry.

  • 1954

    Demag AG takes over the former Dinglerwerke, activities are incorporated into the Construction Machinery Group

  • 2002

    Demag Mobile Cranes is acquired by Terex Corporation and becomes part of Terex Cranes

Product Past Current
All Terrain Crane false true
Lattice Crawler Crane false true
Truck Crane false true

Distinguished Historical Accomplishments

  • 1950

    First telescopic boom crane with lifting capacity of 2.5 t.

  • 1956

    First All-terrain crane worldwide with lifting capacity of 12t.

  • 1965

    Development of the first lattice-boom truck crane with tube design for boom and lifting capacity of 45t.

  • 1976

    Largest telescopic crane on the market with lifting capacity of 160t.

  • 1979

    Development of the strongest lattice-boom truck crane world-wide 800t lifting capacity.

  • 1987

    Development of largest lattice-boom crawler crane with 1,000t capacity

  • 1990

    Introduction of the strongest telescopic truck crane worldwide with lifting capacity of 500t.

  • 1993

    Introduction of a 50t All Terrain crane series.

  • 1998

    Largest lattice-boom crawler crane on the market with 1,600t capacity

  • 1998

    Design of strongest telescopic truck crane with 650t capacity.

  • 2002

    Introduction of CC8800 with capacity of 1,250t.

  • 2003

    Introduction of200t All Terrain crane with 68m of main boom.

  • 2007

    Most powerful crawler crane, TWIN CC 8800 with lifting capacity of 3,200t.