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Terex Cranes Waverly Operations

  • 106 12th Street S.E.
  • Waverly,
  • IA 50677,
  • USA
  • Phone: +1 319 352-3920


  • Rough terrain cranes
  • Truck cranes,
  • Boom trucks.

Geographical Location

Waverly is a city in Bremer County, Iowa, United States with a population of 8,968 people. It is the county seat of Bremer County and is part of the Waterloo–Cedar Falls Metropolitan Statistical Area. Waverly is located south of the city of Minneapolis (306km / 190miles).


In 1941 the Vern & Wilbur Shield brothers named their new products after the very tough "Bantam" Rooster. In 1963 the Koehring products filled in the larger end of the crane and excavator lines, creating a family. In 1987 the company became part of the Terex Corporation.


The team members work at this location on an area of 28,986 sq. meters / 312,000 sq. feet.

For the most demanding tasks

Terex® manufactures Rough Terrain Cranes, Boom Trucks, and Truck Cranes in Waverly, Iowa – a city with a long tradition of two things in particular: crane construction and a harsh continental climate, where temperatures can go from minus 40 degrees to 40 degrees Celsius [minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 104 degrees Fahrenheit]. This might very well be one of the reasons why every single crane that leaves this Terex plant is exceptionally durable and robust, even under the toughest conditions. The first crane that was mounted on a truck in Waverly in 1941 was named after the strong and resilient bantam rooster by its inventors. This remarkable intuition, which has proved invaluable in the manufacture of robust and performance-oriented products that are perfect for the rough daily routine of construction sites everywhere, remains intact to this very day.


Telescopic Boom Truck Cranes with a maximum lifting capacity of 27-82 t (metric) / 30-90 tons (US)

The high mobility of Terex® truck cranes lets you get to the jobsite quickly and serves a variety of customer needs, including placing equipment, steel erection, crushing and screening, asphalt production, equipment maintenance and taxi crane with for-hire services.

Rough Terrain Cranes are designed for off road applications with a maximum lifting capacity of 23-118 t (metric) / 25-130 tons (US). The machinery is ideal for infrastructure, petrochemical, mining and non-residential construction.

Cab Down Crane with a maximum lifting capacity of 18-22 t (metric) / 20-25 tons (US)

It is a very compact crane with off highway capability; they are used in a variety of special applications.

Boom Trucks with a maximum lifting capacity of 9-32 t (metric) / 10-35 tons (US)

Terex® boom truck cranes feature a patented keel boom design that optimizes strength. The base plate combined with a deep, four-plate boom section, and the keel boom is pre-stressed and self-centering. The result of this patented design is an outstanding strength-to-weight ratio – at all lifting radii – for the power and control you need.

Specialized Cranes - Military Cranes

Terex® Government Programs – Serious projects demand high-calibre tools. Our expert military project teams and our superior engineering capabilities provide you with the best machinery in the world!

Sales and Service

At this location we offer the following products for sales and services: Crawler Cranes, Tower Cranes, Truck Cranes, Rough Terrain and Boom Trucks.