New Equipment for All Applications in Ports & Terminals

No matter what type of cargo you have to move in your port or terminal, we have the ideal products and solutions for every task. Whether it is individual machines or integrated handling systems for all types of cargo, Terex Port Solutions provides reliable solutions for rapid, safe, environmentally friendly, efficient handling of containers, bulk and general cargo with low downtimes and excellent return on investment.

Here is an overview of our product groups. Click the links to access specific models.

Ship-to-Shore Cranes Ship-to-Shore Cranes

For professional container handling up to Super-post-Panamax class ships

Harbour Cranes Harbour Cranes

For flexible and cost-effective handling of all types of cargoes

Straddle & Sprinter Carriers Straddle & Sprinter Carriers

For fast transport and for storage of containers

Automated Guided Vehicles Automated Guided Vehicles

For highly efficient container transport in large terminal and port installations

Stacking Cranes Stacking Cranes

For the efficient management of container stacks including storage and retrieval

Lift Trucks Lift Trucks

For safe handling of containers and heavy general cargo

Bulk Material Handlers Bulk Material Handlers

For handling bulk material and scrap alongside smaller vessels and on the quayside

Hoppers Hoppers

A perfect complement to harbor cranes, our hoppers provide the best possible productivity within the bulk goods logistics chain