Straddle Carriers and Sprinter Carriers

Terex Port Solutions offers a large number of different terminal vehicle types. These include two portal machines which have much in common, but which are each designed to be optimized for their respective fields of application. For small to medium-sized container terminals in which both container transport and storage are to be handled by one machine type, the Terex straddle carrier, with a stacking height of 1-over-3 containers, is the right choice. In larger and semi-automated container terminals, or where containers only have to be transported quickly from A to B, the lighter, faster variant, the Terex sprinter carrier, is the right solution. Terex sprinter carriers generally work hand-in-hand with Terex stacking cranes of various types, transferring containers to these for further handling.

Thanks to their state-of-the-art drive systems, which also include hybrid drives, and their great reliability, both the Terex straddle carrier and the Terex sprinter carrier set new standards of efficiency and help reduce ecological impact – so they focus both on profitability and the environment.

Straddle Carriers Straddle Carriers

Straddle carriers are the ideal solution when the transport and storage of containers is to be performed with only one machine type

Sprinter Carriers Sprinter Carriers

Sprinter carriers undertake the high-speed transport of containers between the quayside and stackyard, but they can also be used for other purposes