Inspection & Maintenance

Inspection and Maintenance for Smooth and Reliable Operation

Regular inspection and preventive maintenance are the basis for the long-term high reliability and availability of your Terex® and Terex® Gottwald products. Performing maintenance reduces the probability of unscheduled downtimes. At the same time, you preserve the high value of your equipment for possible resale at a later date.

Tailor-made agreements

We support you in taking care of your products – regardless of whether they are products from our present Terex and Terex Gottwald brands or products from Noell, Fantuzzi, Reggiane and PPM legacy brands or products from other manufacturers. And we do so in the way that is best for you: from time to time, to bridge personnel bottlenecks, or regularly on the basis of maintenance contracts. On request, we can also service entire terminals within the framework of individual fleet management agreements.

Experts at work

All inspection and maintenance work is carried out by experienced, intensively trained technicians from your local Terex Port Solutions branch or from your distributer.

Need additional help? Then contact us. You can find the contact details of your regional contact through TPS worldwide or use our contact form.

Inspection & Maintenance

Precisely According to the Maintenance Instructions

We carry out all work according to the specifications in the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions. If we notice anything else requiring attention, we point it out – and suggest appropriate corrective measures.


Inspection & Maintenance

Only with Genuine Spare Parts

For the maintenance of Terex and Terex Gottwald products, we use genuine spare parts exclusively to provide long service life and availability of your products.


Inspection & Maintenance

For all Manufacturers

As experts in port cargo handling, we do not only carry out maintenance on our own products, but also on the products of other manufacturers. So you only need one contact for all your equipment.


Inspection & Maintenance

Maintenance on Case-by-Case Basis

We are glad to take over individual inspection and maintenance work on request. An option that allows you to react flexibly to a particularly heavy work load or to cover personnel shortages.


Inspection & Maintenance

Maintenance Agreements

Within the framework of maintenance agreements, we take over all your regular preventive maintenance work. So your own technical personnel has time for other important tasks.

Inspection & Maintenance

Fleet Management

We offer the maintenance and repair of all port technology installations from a single source. That is not just cost-efficient, but is also reliably provides high machine availability and long service life.

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