Genuine Spare Parts

Genuine Spare Parts for A Long Service Life

Our high quality genuine spare parts help reduce maintenance issues and provide the functional reliability, long service life and availability of our products. They are precisely matched to Terex® and Terex® Gottwald products and products of our legacy brands. And, of course, to your requirements as a customer. Thanks to our excellent logistics, all genuine spare parts are available quickly and reliably worldwide.

Order genuine spare parts easily from your regional Terex Port Solutions branch or from your distributer. You can also obtain additional information from them if you need it. You can find the contact details of your regional contact through TPS worldwide, or use our contact form.

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Genuine Spare Parts

Global Logistics

Our tight network of branch offices and distributors help ensures that genuine spare parts are available locally. If by chance the spare parts required are not in stock, we will deliver them from our global spare parts centers.

Genuine Spare Parts

Spare Parts Packages

These customised packages contain spare parts, wearing parts or recommended parts for your own stock. The advantages for you: immediate availability and naturally the high quality of genuine spare parts.


Genuine Spare Parts

For the Whole Service Life

We supply you with genuine spare parts throughout the service life of our products, so your machines maintain their full efficiency. If individual spare parts can no longer be supplied, e.g. due to technical progress, we will offer an adequate technical alternative.


Genuine Spare Parts

For all TPS Brands

Whether you have a current Terex or Terex Gottwald machine or one of our legacy branded machines, we offer comprehensive services support your machine, such as spare parts, technical support and refurbishments.

Genuine Spare Parts

TPS Worldwide

Always at your service. You can find your regional contact for Terex and Terex Gottwald products and solutions through TPS worldwide.
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