Fleet Management

We Look After Your Fleet – You Concentrate on Your Core Business

Maintenance and repair for your complete fleet of machines from a single service provider is not only cost-efficient, but also helps improve equipment reliability, reduces downtime and extends service lifetimes. All the more reason to have these services provided directly by the us, the manufacturer. We know our products and their function better than anyone.

With our fleet management solution, we oversee the maintenance, repair and installation tasks for a variety of port equipment and vehicles, including harbour cranes, straddle & sprinter carriers, reach stackers, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and automated stacking cranes (ASCs) or a combination of several types of machines. We will also look after small fleets of machines supplied by other companies for you.

 Benefits to you:

Maintenance and repair servicers provided by the manufacturer:

  • Highly qualified service engineers
  • Cost transparency
  • Clear accountability
  • Saves you time and money

Large scope of services

We provide just as much service as you want. In a personal discussion with our specialists, you can explain your expectations to us and we will show you the matching service package. With our fleet management solution you can choose between various packages that also complement each other:

  • Preventative maintenance only
  • Cyclical service activities
  • Repair services including spare parts
  • Repair-engineering services to maintain and improve your products over their entire useful life.

NOTE: For AGVs with battery drive, on request we can operate battery-changing stations, which can also include the batteries themselves.

Fleet Management

Unique Product Portfolio

With its Terex® Gottwald and Terex® brands, Terex Port Solutions has the most comprehensive product portfolio for ports and terminals of all types and sizes – with solutions for loading and unloading vessels, and transport, storage and handling all types of goods.

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Fleet Management

Service & Support

Our goal is to help you achieve high reliability and availability for your fleet of machines., to provide excellent service to you and your customers, offer innovative and sustainable ways to increase your productivity in cargo handling and to provide you with an excellent return on your investment. To this end, we offer comprehensive services and support for you and your equipment.

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