Planning & Consulting

Develop New Perspectives with Port and Terminal Planning

Increase capacities, reduce costs, provide excellent quality and safety – these are key for terminal operators to remain competitive. As a result, there is a growing demand for cost effective logistics systems and terminal design that open up options for future expansion possibilities.

Terex Port Solutions offers an integrated planning approach for the design and configuration of terminals of every size – providing the right combination of equipment, work processes, software and people. This includes:

  • Project management from planning to commissioning
    • Integrated, neutral consulting approach
    • For all products in the terminal from quayside through to retrieval
    • Comprehensive clarification and analysis of the basic conditions
    • Development of terminal concepts
    • Cost analyses
    • Evaluation of different solutions
    • Advice on the choice and configuration of suitable equipment
  • Simulation and emulation of terminals
  • CommTrac bulk terminal management system
    • CommTrac software developed by DBIS, a member of Terex Port Solutions business group
    • Bulk terminal management system for efficient and reliable operation of a bulk terminal
  • Management and navigation software for interconnecting and controlling machines and fleets of machines
    • Integration in superordinate terminal management systems
    • AGV management system controls the corresponding travel orders
    • The navigation system assigns routes to the AGVs (bypassing obstacles, position control, checks of travel direction and speed etc.)
    • Interconnecting Terex Gottwald AGVs and ASCs in container terminals for full automation of container transport and container storage
  • Software packages for integrating the cranes in the superordinate logistics system
  • Process control software for housekeeping in container stackyards
  • Evaluation and development of control software for terminal planning
  • Further software packages for container and bulk terminals