Simulation & Emulation

Tests of Virtual Terminal Environments Provide Greater Investment Security

Modern terminals are controlled and monitored by complex IT systems. Implementing new software can involve teething problems. Breakdowns, malfunctions and waiting times cannot, however, be tolerated when faced with growing pressure from the competition. What to do?

The answer is simulation and emulation. With the help of computer simulations, a run-through of procedural case studies (“what if” studies), we evaluate various designs for systems as part of terminal planning and provide operators with an idea of the movements and interplay of all machines in real time, and therefore provide information about the current conditions and future possibilities in a terminal.

With emulations, we take this one step further: based on simulations, we test modules of terminal software and modifications of the system configuration in a virtual terminal environment with which we very precisely depict conditions as they will realistically occur later. We therefore give operators who are about to make an investment decision greater security long before the new machinery and IT structures are implemented.

The advantages for port & terminal operators:

  • Cost saving
  • Already a high degree of security long before implementation of new machines and IT infrastructures
  • Prevents developments being given the wrong focus
  • Evaluation of proposals for improvement in a realistic environment
  • Shorter start-up times (faster commissioning)
  • A high-performance system from the start
  • Offline training of the staff at an early stage

Scope of services:

  • Run-through of procedural case studies
  • Evaluation of various concept-orientated terminal systems
  • Real-time simulation of the movements and interplay of ship unloading cranes, transport vehicles and stacking cranes
  • Establishing status quo
  • Showing future possibilities of a terminal
  • Test of modules of the terminal software and modifications of the system configuration in a virtual terminal environment
  • Realistic depiction of future scenarios