Solutions for Terminals

Customized Solutions for Terminals and Goods of All Types and Sizes

We offer our customers everything they require for modern, cost-effective and high-performance operation of their terminals. This includes equipment for loading and unloading, transport, storage and handling, and also comprehensive services and solutions for planning & consulting, simulation & emulation and fleet management.

In the following, you will find some examples of solutions for the various types of terminal:

Solutions for Terminals

Multi-Purpose Terminals

For multi-purpose terminals, we supply modern, cost-effective solutions to handle and transport a wide variety of cargo.

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Solutions for Terminals

Specialized Terminals

For specialized terminals (e.g. for handling components for wind turbines) we supply the required special solutions.

Spezialized terminals »

Solutions for Terminals

Bulk Terminals

For professional handling of bulk and scrap, we supply robust solutions that are built to withstand harsh conditions.

Bulk terminals »

Solutions for Terminals

Manual Container Terminals

For manual container handling in small and medium-sized terminals, we supply operator-friendly, ergonomic solutions.

Manual container terminals »

Solutions for Terminals

Semi-Automated Container Terminals

For semi-automated container handling, we supply energy-efficient solutions in all performance classes.

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Solutions for Terminals

Fully-Automated Container Terminals

For fully-automated container handling in large terminals and terminal environments, we supply solutions with outstanding performance.

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Solutions for Terminals

Intermodal Terminals

For intermodal terminals, we supply individual solutions for storage and handling.

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