Terex Cranes Legacy Brands

RO Stinger 

  • Stands for: RO (first name initials of the company founder), refers to the “stinging” function (such as one of a scorpion).
  • Manufacturer of boom trucks with lifting capacities from 20,000 -70,000 lbs.
  • Based in Waverly, Iowa.
  • Stinger brand cranes are sold in the US

RO Stinger Products

  • Boom truck



Historical Overview

Founded as R.O. Corporation in Olathe, KY by Ray Pittman and is later acquired by Simon Company changing its name to Simon-RO.

Terex acquires Simon companies including Simon-RO “Stinger”, a manufacturer of boom trucks under brand name of RO “Stinger”, which becomes part of Terex Cranes.