The operator’s console on the 5000 Highway Paver offers easy access to machine and carriage function controls. The operator has access to machine travel speed, carriage travel speed, a manual override shift for automatic carriage reversing, internal concrete vibration system controls and power up and down legs, all standard on the 5000. Most accessories can also be controlled from the operator’s console including power leg widening, Hydra-Mation® stringline elevation sensing and the carriage/drag pan fogging system. 

The 5000 paver isn’t just a heavy highway and road paver. It can be effectively used to pave airport aprons, runways and taxiways. Able to handle paving to depths of up to 30 in / 76.2 cm coupled with the ease of transport, setup, adjustment and the ability to pave oddly shaped slabs, the 5000 is a contender for any airport project. When adding a Terex Bid-Well Vertical Vibration System to the 5000 paver the result is unprecedented accuracy in profilograph testing and density in concrete core samples.
Specification Value
Truss Size 48 in / 1.2 m
Max Paving Width 68 ft / 20.7 m
Travel System Bogie Travel
Truss Depth 48 in / 1.2 m
Machine Length 30 ft / 9.14 m, can extend to 72 ft / 21.9 m
Paving Width ■ Standard: 26 ft / 7.9 m
■ Minimum: 12 ft / 3.6 m
■ Maximum: 68 ft / 20.7 m
Legs Heavy duty 6 in (.15 m) diameter legs mounted on solid leg plates
Operating Weight 11,966 lbs / 5,427.7 kg
Machine Travel Four drive bogies
Paving Carriage ■ Dual 6 ft / 1.82 m long paving rollers
■ Dual adjustable strike-off augers, direct-drive hydraulic motor
■ Internal concrete vibration system
■ New improved patented 15 1/2 in / .39 m Rota-Vibe®
■ Paving roller directional control valves
■ Automated roller rotation manifold valve
■ Dual adjustable drag pans with burlap drag
Power Two 35 HP (26.2 kW) liquid-cooled diesel engines with 12-volt electric starters, one mounted on the frame at the operator's station that powers the machine travel and paving carriage.
The second is mounted on the carriage and provides power for paving rollers and two augers.

  • Leg-mounted on/off valve (for ground control)
  • Dual carriage drive chain for paving carriage
  • Newly designed Hi-Visibility operator's platform
  • Conforms to all types of crowns and tapers
  • Remote radio control for paving carriage functions (FCC-approved)