The operator’s console on the 6500 HD Roller Paver offers easy access to machine and carriage function controls. The operator has access to machine and carriage travel speed, a manual override shift for automatic carriage reversing, internal concrete vibration system controls, power up and down legs, power leg widening, power crown adjustment and Hydra-Mation® stringline elevation sensing; all standard on the 6500. Most optional accessories can also be controlled from the operator’s console including the carriage/drag pan fogging system. 

The Terex Bid-Well 6500 is a paver designed and built for the demands of airport paving. The flexibility, ease of use and ease of transport make the 6500 ideal for paving approaches, runways, aprons and taxiways. The 6500 comes standard with an internal concrete vibration systems, hydraulically powered up and down legs, grade sensing Hydra-Mation and handful of other accessories and options that make it an ideal piece of equipment for any airport project. When coupled with the Terex Bid-Well Vertical Vibration System the 6500 paver provides exceptional concrete consolidation and density in core samples. 
Specification Value
Truss Size 48 in / 1.2 m
Max Paving Width 68 ft / 20.7 m
Travel System Pneumatic Tires
Truss Depth Heavy-duty 48 in / 1.2 m truss with type 3 carriage rail
Machine Length 30 ft / 9.1 m standard, can be extended to pave 72 ft / 21.9 wide
Paving Width ■ Standard: 26 ft / 7.9m
■ Minimum: 12 ft / 3.6 m
■ Maximum: 68 ft / 20.7 m
Legs Powered Heavy duty 7 in / .18 m diameter
Machine Travel Four-wheel-drive puncture- resistant pneumatic rubber tires
Operating Weight 13,925 lbs / 6.316.3 kg
PavingCarriage ■ Dual 6 ft / 1.82 m long paving rollers
■ Dual adjustable 10 in / .25 m diameter strike-off augers,
direct-drive hydraulic motor
■ Heavy-duty internal concrete vibration system
■ Newly improved patented 18 in / .45 m Rota-Vibe®
■ Paving roller directional control valves
■ Automated roller rotation manifold valve
■ Dual adjustable drag pans with burlap drag
■ Hydraulic-powered dual drag pan lift system
■ Remote-controlled paving carriage control functions (FCC-
Power Two 56 HP 42 kW liquid-cooled diesel engines with 12-volt electric starters on the operator's power unit and paving carriage
Automatic Machine Operation Includes machine operation and all paving functions

■  Terex Hydra-Mation stringline sensing for steering and elevation 
■  Hydraulic-powered crown adjuster 
■  Operator-friendly control console with electronic control functions
■  Portable pressure-washer system: 100 gal / 378.5 L tank 
■  Heavy-duty 2060 carriage travel drive chain