Mulch Grinders

Stationary & Portable Mulch Grinders

Mulch grinders are an excellent way to free up space in your yard while creating a valuable end product. Wood debris from construction and land-clearing, bark from sawmills and clean wood derived from construction is often processed through mulch grinders and recycled. It is produced by grinding material into a variety of different sizes for different applications. From coarse-grade material for erosion control, to finer mulch for commercial or residential (frequently colored for aesthetics). CBI grinders can be configured with a variety of tips and screens to ensure the desired specification size is met for your mulch.

Processing material such as stumps to make mulch requires an aggressive and rugged grinder with the precision to deliver the desired end-product size. For that reason, CBI equipment has been the undisputed leader in this industry for the past decade and the industry’s top mulch manufactures turn to CBI again and again.

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