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Municipal Solid Waste Grinders

Mixed or Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) is a waste type that includes predominantly household waste (domestic waste). MSW sometimes includes commercial wastes. They are in either solid or semisolid form and generally exclude industrial hazardous wastes. These days, many communities and businesses have developed new ways to reduce and better manage MSW, trash, or garbage. This requires a coordinated mix of practices that includes source reduction, recycling (including mulching and composting), and disposal. The EPA defines environmentally-sound MSW management as source reduction first, recycling and composting second, and disposal in landfills or waste combustors last. A view that is now starting to form that with the latest advancements in gasification, MSW can safely and effectively be converted into a great alternative fuel. CBI manufactures a complete line of wood waste grinders, shredders, screens, and sorting equipment designed specifically for the recycling and reduction of MSW.

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