Flail Debarker

604nl chain flail debarker

The CBI 604NL's four roll flail design offers optimum debarking action and high levels of production. Capable of processing over 150 tons per hour powered by CAT C-18 765 HP diesel engine (currently not updated in the downloadable brochure), this massive debarking machine handles tree diameters of up to 24”. At the same time, the 604NL reduces fiber loss and chain wear. Specifically designed to work in unison with CBI's 754 Disc Chipper for a complete in-woods pulp-quality processing solution.
Specification Value
Engine CAT C18; 600 hp / CAT C18; 447kW
Machine Length 44' 11" / 13.69m
Weight 98,000lbs / 44,452kg
Fuel Capacity 330 gallons / 1,249 liters
Drum Configuration Flail Drum - Width: 60" Diameter: 40" / Flail Drum: Width: 1.5m Diameter: 1.01m
  • Chipper stinger - stinger ball, straps, 2" kingpin or 3.5" kingpin
  • Forestry Tires (installed at destination, not for road transport)
  • Wireless communication with disc chipper
  • Fire supression - Amerex (Dry)
  • Fire supression - Dafo (Wet)
  • CAT C18 600hp T2 engine
  • 3.5 Kingpin (2" standard)
  • CE compliance package
  • Single chain drums
  • Super Single Tires
  • Lighting package
  • Compressor

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