Industrial Wood Chipper

484BP portable industrial wood chipper

The 484BP Portable Wood Chipper offers high-volume production with easy transport in the wheeled configuration. Two rotor options are available to produce premium fuel chips from 12mm – 25mm or consistent micro-chips from 2mm – 12mm from logs up to 24” in diameter. Powered by a 765hp engine and the built from the strongest components, this portable chipper offers maximum production and reliability.

Specification Value
Rotor Size Width: 48" Diameter: 40" / Width: 1.21m Diameter: 1.01m
Engine CAT C18; 765hp / CAT C18; 570kW
Weight 55,000lbs / 24,947kg
Infeed Dimensions Width: 48" / Width: 1.21m
Transport Dimensions Width: 8' 4" Length: 30' 2" Height: 13' 6" / Width: 2.5m Length: 9.1m Height: 4.1m
  • Flex chute for top and end loading
  • Metal Detection System (MDS)
  • 4-knife microchip drum rotor
  • CE compliance package
  • Lighting package
  • Air compressor

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