Industrial Wood Chipper

484vr truck mounted industrial wood chipper

CBI’s 484VR Truck Mounted (or trailer mounted) chipper is ideal for operators who want maximum production and simplified transport. The truck mounted chipper eliminates the need for a trailer and allows users to drive right up to piles in confined spaces. Two rotor options available to produce premium fuel chips from 12mm – 25mm or consistent micro-chips from 2mm – 12mm from logs up to 24” in diameter.

Specification Value
Rotor Size Width: 48" Diameter: 40" / Width: 1.21m Diameter: 1.01m
Engine CAT C18; 765hp / CAT C18; 570kW
Weight 42,500lbs - 48,000lbs / 19,277kg - 21,772kg
Infeed Dimensions Width: 48" / Width: 1.21m
Transport Dimensions Width: 8'4" Length: 25' 10" Height: 9'5" / Width: 2.5m Length: 7.88m Height: 2.88m
  • Larger gear pump to increase feed roll up and down speed
  • Scania DC16 770hp T4 Final, includes engine cover
  • Metal Detection System (MDS)
  • 4-Knife microchip drum rotor
  • CAT C18 765hp T2 engine
  • CE compliance package
  • Lighting package
  • Chassis/Trailer

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