6400T Industrial Wood Chipper

6400 Industrial Wood Chipper
The CBI 6400T Industrial Wood Chipper is a heavy-duty machine engineered to chip whole trees, storm debris, slash, and stumps. Four interchangeable rotors give this chipper/grinder combo the much needed versatility to adapt to changes in today's markets.

CBI Wood Chippers like the Magnum Force 6400 with its 4-pocket chipper rotor yield uniform micro-chips that can bypass those processes and immediately be dried and milled into feed stock for the pellet press – saving up to 75% of the input power requirement while increasing the pellet press throughput.
Specification Value
Engine CAT C27; 1,050HP / CAT C27; 787 kW
Fuel Capacity 450 Gallons / 1,703 Liters
Machine Width Transport Width: 10’-2” / Transport Width: 3000mm
Machine Length Transport Length: 40’-10” / Transport Length: 12,400mm