Industrial Wood Chipper

484bt portable industrial wood chipper

This compact and reliable drum chipper consistently out-produces other drum chippers by up to 50 percent on a daily basis and has a high-production capability of 120-plus tons per hour. CBI Drum Chippers are purpose-built machines customized to fit each customer’s individual business needs.

The rotor, chipper box and feed system are the strongest in its class as this drum chipper provides owners with years of trouble free service. Featuring two rotor options, the CBI ChipMax can make high-quality fuel chips custom sized from 12–25mm or “micro-chips” from 2–12mm from logs up to 24" in diameter. These wood microchips produce a consistent fiber length that dramatically reduces the overall cost of producing pellets as well as improving the function of small boilers. If you're looking for a drum chipper solution for your application, the ChipMax is an extreme-duty biomass production workhorse. 
Specification Value
Rotor Size Width: 48" Diameter: 40" / Width: 1.21m Diameter: 1.01m
Engine CAT C18; 765hp / CAT C18; 570kW
Weight 56,000lbs / 25,401kg
Infeed Dimensions Width: 48" / Width: 1.21m
Transport Dimensions Width: 8' 4" Length: 30' 4" Height: 11'7" / Width: 2.5m Length: 9.2m Height: 3.52m
  • Flex chute for top and end loading
  • Metal Detection System (MDS)
  • 4-knife microchip drum rotor
  • Single grouser track pads
  • CE compliance package
  • Rock guards for tracks
  • Lighting package
  • Air compressor

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