Basic Machine Safety

Understanding the basic operations and controls of your CBI equipment is an integral part of any operator training program. The purpose of CBI's training video series is to help familiarize personnel with how to start, operate, and shut down a CBI Machine as well as perform basic maintenance functions. Never operate a machine until you fully understand its capabilities and limitations. These videos are designed to supplement your existing training program and do not constitute a complete operator’s training program.

Key Points

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) - Everyone who observes CBI machines needs to wear a hard hat, eye protection, ear protection, and steel toed shoes. CBI also reccomends wearing a high visibility safety vest, long pants, and gloves.

  • The turning radius on a CBI machine can vary depending on the machine that's being tracked. Always stand more than 60 feet away from a CBI machine that's being tracked.

  • Never stand in front of the infeed on these machines. Standing in front or behind horizontal grinders can be extremely dangerous. Debris can be ejected with enough force, if struck by, to cause serious injury to people and damage to property.

  • Always stand more than 100 feet away from machines that are in operation.