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Terex® Bid-Well is pleased to announce the appointment of SAMIT – SA de Maquinarias, Ingenieria y Tecnica as a distributor in Argentina.Terex Bid-Well offers a full line of automatic concrete roller pavers including bridge deck pavers and overlay machines, airport, road and street pavers, texturing/curing machines, specialized paver/trimmer for slopes and canal paving, along with work bridges that meet any job requirement.

Tim Rubalcaba, International Sales Manager, Terex Bid-Well said “I am glad that SAMIT will be collaborating with us. They have deep roots in Argentina and will definitely help us further introduce Terex Bid-Well equipment in the Argentinian market. SAMIT President Agustin Navarro and Vice President Marcelo Beccar have a long history and experience in the construction equipment industry.”

SAMIT is a very well established firm and knowledgeable of our equipment and we are sure that they will do an excellent job representing us.” Rubalcaba added.

Terex Bid-Well, part of the Terex Corporation since 1961 has been an industry leader in the development and manufacture of a complete line of versatile and specialized concrete paving machines for the heavy and highway construction market.


Founded in 1958, SAMIT is the oldest construction equipment distributor in Argentina. With 10 national agents covering the entire country their logo can be seen geographically spread all over the country.

SAMIT Principles

Mr. Navarro, President of SAMIT, said “We cherish a reputation for integrity and fair dealing. Customers are entitled unequivocally to expect from us the best product at the best price and delivered on time. We believe in unrestricted competition and in our right to profit in accordance with the risk, effort and the investment involved in every business. We do not consider it important to be the largest company in our field but we intend to be the best. We recognize that others contribute to our performance and our success. Suppliers, manufacturers of equipment, lending institutions and insurance companies, all have an indispensable role in the fulfillment of the projects undertaken by us and we value our relations with them. Our employees are of fundamental importance to us. We believe in the dignity of every working man, in fair relationship and guidance. We are proud of the “spirit de corps” of our company collaborators.”

Since its creation, SAMIT´S succession lines have respected these principles.


SAMIT Facilities

•Fully owned workshops in San Fernando, 20 Km (12 miles) outside of Buenos Aires

•2.500 m2 (27,000 sq. ft.) of land, out of which, 800 m2 (8,600 sq. ft.) are under roof.

•The Parts Dept. keeps an inventory for the machines sold in the country.

•Fully owned offices in downtown Buenos Aires with 550 m2 (6.000 sq. ft.)


Contact information for Terex Bid-Well

Timothy P. Rubalcaba

International Sales Manager, Cell: +1-812-320-1130 Email:


Contact information for SAMIT

Agustin Navarro Cox

President SAMIT – Tel: +54.4549.2151 / Email:

Marcelo M. Beccar Varela

Vice President SAMIT – Tel: +54.4549.2151 / Email: