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Meet the Terex Team: Nicola Castenetto

Welcome to the MeeTT (meet Terex team) where we introduce you to a member of our  team—to learn about the people and passion that stand behind our products.

This week we feature Nicola Castenetto, Business Development Manager Tower Cranes.

  • How Long have you worked at Terex? 13 years!
  • What do you like about the cranes industry? I like how people can make a difference
  • Which Terex Tower Crane project are you most proud of? There are so many - but if I had to choose, there are three I like to remember:
  1. CTT331 Al Raha Beach Dubai, 2008 – it was a spectacle to see a paradise of tower cranes - 50 machines working together in a huge project in an area of 5km!
  2. CTT721 Panama Canal – a wonderful and challenging application that doubled the capacity of the canal. It was a fascinating project that included conveyors pouring concrete that was directly applied to the cranes. 
  3. CTL630/CTL1600 Battersea Power Station - the sea of luffing jib cranes was such a picture that I even took my family to have dinner nearby, just to show them the job site.
  • What is your passion? History
  • What is there in common between your passion and your job? I believe that history teaches us how to build our future based on our heritage combined with the actions we take today.
  • How would you describe yourself in one sentence? I have two—don’t take yourself too seriously and we will either find a way or build it!
  • What is your favourite dish, first or second plate? Starter and dessert – always!
  • Do you follow sports? If so, which one? Udinese football team
  • Wine or beer? Really?!

Editors comment: Thanks Nicola for agreeing to this interview - if you like your job you most likely know how to best do it. Keep highlighting our passion for cranes!

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