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Geographical Location

Fontanafredda is an Italian municipality of about 11,000 inhabitants in Province of Pordenone, in Friuli-Venezia Giulia region. The city is located west of the Venice (77km / 48miles).


Since the plant’s foundation in 1962 by the Moritsch brothers, the know-how involved in the manufacture and design of tower cranes has never ceased to grow and improve. In 1962 the first telescopic crane that rotated at the top was produced. In 1996 the new range of Flat Top Tower Cranes was manufactured. In 1998 the company became a part of Terex Corporation.Our staff members’ customer-oriented working philosophy has led to a continuous expansion of our range of products with a single goal in mind: to always be able to provide the right crane for the ever-changing requirements of construction sites worldwide.


The team members work at this location on an area of 9,380 sq. meters / 101,000 sq. feet.

Design meets performance

Italian crane designs from Fontanafredda confer a modern look to construction sites. This is where Terex manufactures a line of tower cranes featuring an ideal combination of functional aesthetics, cost-effectiveness, and safety. The resulting range of equipment, which includes Flat Top Cranes, Self Erecting Cranes, and Luffing Jib Tower Cranes, is simply without equal in the world.


Tower Cranes

With a maximum lifting capacity of 1-40 t (metric) / 1,1-44 tons (US). This crane is developed the following types of construction: Residential buildings, commercial buildings, bridges, power plants, dams and flyovers.

Self Erecting Tower Cranes

A distinctive feature of our Self Erecting Cranes is their very compact crane base. Two high-capacity hydraulic pumps make for fast erection times. Carefully selected electrical components and well thought-out mechanics ensure secure erection even in confined spaces.

Flat Top Tower Cranes

Terex pioneers Flat Top Cranes. The portfolio includes cranes with lifting capacities of up to 560 meter tons and reach of up to 85 metres. It is ideal for use in the vicinity of airports or anywhere where several tower cranes are working together at the same time. The modular design of tower and boom elements means that we can build your crane to your exact specification.

Luffing Jib Tower Cranes

Safety comes first - developed especially for urban applications, our CTL class offers jibs with outstanding reaches without requiring a large amount of space for pivoting - a special advantage when several cranes must work safely at the same time on a high-rise building. Thanks to their mobile counterweight system, CTL cranes can work without a cumbersome outrigger base. The integrated AWLR system guarantees quick working cycles and easy handling.

Sales and Service

At this location we offer the following product for sales and services: Tower Cranes.