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Zweibrücken, Germany – 5th April 2011. The Terex Cranes applications team and local market distributor, JSC GRPM - Saint Petersburg, provided customer OAO Metrostroy with a full “turn-key” crane solution on a major federal power station project in Saint Petersburg. The job involved the construction of a 120-meter wide, 150-meter high cooling tower to replace the existing 1973 facility with a new generation plant.

“We were sure that the CTT 331-16’s height, lifting capacity and maneuverability were an ideal match with the cooling tower’s impressive overall dimensions. However, it was clear that we had to work fast to provide the competitive “turn-key” solution that Metrostroy needed to stand a chance in winning the race for the job,” said Andrey Chukichev, Equipment Supplies Director , JSC GRPM, Saint Petersburg.

One of the initial constraints identified in the feasibility study involved the impressive height at which the crane would be working. In the case of a CTT 331-16, at least three tie collars are generally fitted to ensure the stability required to operate safely.

From the outset of the project it was planned to erect the crane inside the cooling tower to take advantage of the structure’s protection against extreme weather conditions. For the applications team, this meant finding a solution to avoid the potentially labor-intensive and costly process of setting-up and dismantling the crane’s 65-meter boom and telescopic cage within the confines of the cooling tower wall.

A traditional anchoring technique using steel bracing rods was first considered, but this was not feasible since the rods proved to be too long to withstand estimated forces without buckling. Analysis also gave evidence of a further constraint - the cooling tower’s walls were not strong enough to serve as an anchor to the tie-in braces

After close investigation and testing, Terex Cranes application team presented a creative recommendation in-line with Metrostroy’s planning and budget requirements.

Tests proved that by erecting the crane inside the cooling tower, reduced wind forces made it possible to employ two tie-in collars instead of three, resulting in reduced equipment costs and time saved during set-up and dismantling.

Based on this evidence, a system using eight pairs of 40-mm thick pre-stressed steel cable anchors, attached in two stages as the cooling structure’s wall grew higher, would be fixed on two separate levels of the crane’s tower. Tests had shown that the cables would need to be pre-stressed to compensate for stretching, and then rigged at a tension of 17 tonnes per cable to withstand the increased pressure induced by their length and inclines.

To overcome the insufficient strength of the cooling tower’s walls, there was no other solution than to fix the cables’ tie-in braces into the base perimeter of the cooling structure directly.

An innovative jib dismantling device was also specially designed for the job. The result would save valuable time in shortening the jib length during set-up and dismantling, and make work safe and more comfortable within the restricted cooling tower perimeter.

TheTerex Cranes team’s recommendation corresponded exactly to what our company needed,” said Paul Kolpakov, OAO Metrostroy. “We asked for a full “turn-key” crane proposal including the purchase of the crane, plus the skilled, responsive support of applications specialists and local sales and service teams from start to finish. This is what we got, and working together for seven months on this project was a good experience.”


Beginning in March through September 2010, the CTT 331-16 worked around-the-clock, 24 hours a day, using a self-climbing framework to adjust to the structure’s increasing height, steadily lifting and placing the steel reinforcements and liquid concrete used to form the tower’s wall. “Over and above the performance of the machine, we gained this contract as the result of human skills and professional team work, trust and a great customer relationship. The CTT 331-16 performed perfectly - completing the job on schedule, and is now being employed to lift heavy elements inside the cooling tower at ground level,” said Chukichev.


About the Terex CTT 331-16 HD23 flat top tower crane

Designed for use in confined areas, near airports or in conjunction with other flat top cranes, the CTT 331-16 HD23 is well-suited for heavy lifting and placement duties in the most challenging applications. Offering efficient set-up times to get working quickly, the CTT 331-16 is also an ideal partner for transferring heavy materials around the jobsite. It features a 75-meter jib offering, a jib tip capacity of 2.9 tonnes and maximum lifting capacity of 16 tonnes. The maximum free-standing height is 92,6 meters.

Built using high resilience steels specially adapted for operation at low temperatures, the CTT 331-16, for this particular jobsite, stands to a maximum height of 158.6 meters. This model was also provided with a 67 kW hoist winch, “black box” data logger and heating.

The Terex flat top tower crane range includes a series of 26 models providing lifting capacities from 50 to 720 mt.


About OAO Metrostroy

Headquartered in Saint Petersburg, Metrostroy OAO is a leading Russia-based company operating through four branches, specialized in a wide range of major above and underground drilling, surveying and infrastructure projects. One of the company’s largest accomplishments includes the construction of the Saint Petersburg subway and network of local subway stations in the Saint Petersburg area. The Company includes seven subsidiaries and four affiliated companies. Its majority shareholders are GUP Petersburgskiy Metropolitet and Federal Agency for Federal Property Management with the stakes of 25% and 21%, respectively. More information on OAO Metrostroy can be found at


JSC GRPM was founded in 1998 to act as a representative of Terex Cranes on the Russian market for the supply of tower cranes, supply contracts and the creation of a Service Center. Today the company has achieved tangible results in this area having provided over 50 companies throughout Russia with crane units and service support. Aiming to establish strong customer partnerships to increase profitability using sophisticated lifting and handling solutions, the company is staffed with highly experienced, lifting and handling specialists operating from individual branch offices located in main regions throughout Russia. More information on JSC GRPM can be found at


About Terex

Terex Corporation is a diversified global manufacturer operating in four business segments: Terex Aerial Work Platforms, Terex Construction, Terex Cranes, and Terex Materials Processing. Terex manufactures a broad range of equipment for use in various industries, including the construction, infrastructure, quarrying, mining, shipping, transportation, energy, refining, and utility industries. Terex offers a complete line of financial products and services to assist in the acquisition of Terex equipment through Terex Financial Services. More information on Terex can be found at






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