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ZWEIBRÜCKEN, January 13th, 2012 – Timely for the 20th anniversary of Magdeburg-based Bruns Schwerlast, owner Frank Bruns recently placed three new cranes into service at the same time - a Terex® AC 40 City, a Terex® AC 80-2, and a Terex® AC 160-2. Bruns has a long-standing experience with Terex Cranes. For the past ten years, the high reliability and performance levels of his Terex AC 40 City and Terex AC 80 units have enabled these cranes to prove their worth time and time again in his company’s operations. This is why, when the time came to upgrade his fleet, there was only one logical choice for him: All terrain cranes from Terex.


Overhead Bridge Crane Installed at Factory

A demanding project awaited two AC 40 City cranes in Hannover. It consisted of placing an 8.5-tonne overhead bridge crane on top of running rails located under a factory’s ceiling. While this might not seem particularly challenging at first glance, the fact that the lift operation had to be performed within mere inches of the ceiling proved otherwise. The only alternative would have been to put the overhead bridge crane in place from outside, which would have made it necessary to remove the roof first. This was unacceptable, since it would have entailed significantly higher costs and longer downtimes for the customer.


The task was flawlessly carried out with two Terex AC 40 City units working in tandem: “We equipped the two cranes with “runners” (assembly jibs), which allowed us to perform the lift without hoisting rope–that is, with the booms only. This way, we were able to lift the load to within inches of the ceiling, something that we could not have done with any other crane model,” explains crane driver Dirk Lichter. With the help of a signalman, the crane operators were able to complete the tandem lift with the required accuracy, by moving both cranes in perfect synchronization in order to place the overhead bridge crane on the running rails with utmost precision. Both operators had to first lift the overhead bridge crane in a diagonal position so that it would fit through the opening between the rails and then carefully turn it until it was aligned with them. “The fact that the cranes are user-friendly and easy to operate was of enormous value in this case, as it made it possible for our employees to position the overhead bridge crane with laser-like precision,” explains Bruns, who was as pleased with the way the project went as the company operating the factory which was able to reduce both costs and downtimes.


Terex® AC 40 City

As the most compact unit with a 40-tonne lifting capacity from the City Crane series, the Terex AC 40 City is particularly well-suited to operations that have to be performed in constrained spaces. The crane’s overall height makes it possible to cope with clearance heights as low as 2.99 meters, while a total length of only 8.57 meters and a carrier length of 7.34 meters provides a high level of maneuverability, The three-axle crane’s maneuverability is further enhanced by its independent rear-axle steering. It is allowed to travel on public roads with its maximum system length of 44.2 meters, representing yet another advantage.


The telescopic main boom’s length ranges from 7.80 to 31.2 meters, while the four boom head sheaves are designed for maximum loads of up to 34.4 tonnes. A heavy-lift attachment with an additional sheave, which makes it possible to achieve a maximum lifting capacity of 40 tonnes, is one of the many options available for the unit. Other available options include 7.1-m and 13-m main boom extensions with a folding jib/double fly jib, as well as a three-sheave, 1.2-meter-long assembly jib designed for loads of up to 15 tonnes. Finally, the crane’s standard counterweight weighs 5.45 tonnes.


Terex® AC 80-2

With a length of 12.11 meters, the Terex AC 80-2 is the shortest four-axle crane of its class. Lifting capacity is up to 80 tonnes with a maximum load moment of 255 of mt. A powerful 428-metric-hp Daimler engine, together with a convenient 6-speed automatic transmission gives the crane outstanding performance. Meanwhile, an independent rear-axle steering system enhances the unit’s high level of maneuverability. Short telescoping times and the ability to telescope large loads (a result of its fully hydraulic boom system) make a compelling argument when this all-terrain crane is at work in real-life operations, as does the fact that the crane can travel on public roads—in full compliance with the 12-tonne axle load limit —while carrying its 8-tonne counterweight and 9.2-meter main boom extension.


The telescopic main boom’s length ranges from 10.9 to 50 meters. Additional options include main boom extensions available with a single-section or double-section jib (with a length of 9.2 meters and 17.6 meters respectively), as well as a 1.20-meter-long assembly jib.


Terex® AC 160-2

With its enhanced boom system, the Terex AC 160-2 all-terrain crane can achieve lifting capacities of up to 160 tonnes. An undercarriage length of only 12.3 meters means that the five-axle unit is extremely compact, giving it enormous flexibility when working at construction sites. Furthermore, its speed-sensitive rear-axle steering system provides ample maneuverability and stability. Four of the crane’s five axles are driven and steerable.


The crane’s main boom length of 64 meters can be extended by 9 or 33 meters depending on the extensions used. An assembly jib with a length of 1.65 meters is also available. The unit’s 54.2-tonne counterweight can be separated into different units and put down on the crane hydraulically, and the innovative Terex IC-1 crane control system, equipped with a convenient touchscreen, ensures that the unit can be easily and conveniently operated.


About Bruns Schwerlast

With locations in Magdeburg and Hildesheim, and a state-of-the-art fleet featuring mobile cranes with lifting capacities of up to 500 tonnes, Bruns Schwerlast is engaged in providing crane and heavy load transportation services across all of Germany. The company has relied consistently on Terex/Demag cranes since the 1960s, and its combination of crane services and heavy goods vehicles with load capacities of up to 700 tonnes enables it to provide its customers with one-stop turnkey project handling services (including planning).

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