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MOBI-HUB Takes delivery of a Terex® AC 1000 All Terrain CRANE


BERLIN, GERMANY, April, 2014 Following its slogan, “We lift and move”, Berlin-based Mobi-Hub GmbH has become one of the region’s leading providers of crane and logistics services for the industrial and construction sectors. The latest addition to its fleet is a Terex® AC 1000 all terrain crane. General Manager Georg Hallau and crane operator Aick Grell recently received their new crane from Terex Cranes Sales Manager Torsten Hanke. “We ordered the AC 1000 [crane] with all the options available and we will be using it primarily to erect wind turbines and lift heavy loads,” says Grell.


Mobi-Hub decided on the Terex AC 1000 crane because it combines high lifting capacities with an exceptionally compact design and transport efficiency. “On top of its small dimensions for a crane of this capacity, the AC 1000 can travel with its boom on and still be under 12 t per axle. This makes the logistics involved much easier – now all we have to do after we get to the work site is set up the outriggers and the AC 1000 is ready to go,” Hallau added. And he is not only happy with the technology from the Terex Cranes Zweibrücken facility, but also with the services provided by the Terex team: “We have a great contact at the plant and can always count on the entire Terex team to take care of our inquiries and requests right away. For example, whenever we’ve had to deal with unusual loads, the structural analysis department has always provided us with the information we need in less than 24 hours.”


About the Terex® AC 1000 all terrain crane

The nine-axle Terex® AC 1000 is the world’s most powerful all terrain crane that can travel with its 50 m-long main boom on public roads to nearly any location in the world and has the fastest setup times of any crane in its category thanks to its luffing jib erecting system. With 20,31 meters in length, the AC 1000 is remarkably compact and maneuverable for a 1,200-tonne capacity class crane. Having a maximum system length of 163 m, the wide selection of extensions and attachments for the unit are designed for transportation on standard trailer trucks, eliminating the expensive and time-consuming process of obtaining permits and having to use special-purpose vehicles.

The AC 1000 all terrain crane is available with a 50 or 100-meter main boom, which is equipped with a open nose sheave that makes it particularly easy to attach additional boom segments. This allows short rigging times to reach 100 meter lifting height. In addition, the optional SSL system increases the machine’s lifting capacity for a variety of applications.

The ergonomically designed crane cab, which can be tilted 20° backwards, is equipped with an integrated IC-1 touchscreen control system. This system allows operators to have quick access to important information such as wind speed, wind direction, hook load, rated lifting capacity, reach, boom length, and calculated and actual outrigger loads by simply tapping the screen.

The Terex AC 1000 all terrain crane reaches travelling speeds of up to 80 km/h. A variable-ratio steering system with active, speed-sensitive, electronically controlled rear axle power steering provides excellent maneuverability and cornering stability.



About Mobi-Hub GmbH

We lift and move. This is the slogan that has led Berlin-based Mobi-Hub GmbH to become one of the leading providers of crane and logistics services for the industrial and construction sectors in the region. The company’s range of services extends far beyond simply renting and operating cranes, and is increasingly including planning, figuring out the logistics for, and carrying out complex, challenging, and sophisticated industrial and construction projects, making Mobi-Hub an ideal one-stop service provider.


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About Terex

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