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Terex Apprentice Elias Sutter Lands 2nd Place at European Welding Cup

Following his victory at Germany’s national “Jugend schweißt” welding competition, Elias Sutter has a solid second-place finish with the German team at the European WeldCup


ZWEIBRÜCKEN/CAMBRIDGE, October 27, 2015 The long string of achievements by Terex apprentice Elias Sutter continued at the European WeldCup in the British city of Cambridge: The prospective steel construction mechanic specializing in welding landed an impressive second place as part of the team representing Germany at the competition, relegating defending champions Austria to fifth place in the process. Elias Sutter had the following to say about his latest accomplishment: “Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Great Britain, and Romania all had very strong teams, which made the competition really challenging. However, I came well prepared, and that, together with the support I got from the company, allowed me to give it my best.”


Instructor Jürgen Hoffmann is proud of the young apprentice, who is part of a new generation of skilled workers at Terex: “Elias really showed everyone what he is made of! Even though he had to go up against very tough opponents from all over Europe, he prevailed. This not only shows that he’s got the necessary skills, but also proves that he’s hard-working, motivated, and able to carry out extremely precise work even when under enormous pressure.”


In 2013, the German team got third place at the WeldCup.


Jürgen Hoffmann – who once was a competitor at “Jugend schweißt” himself – worked hard to prepare a group of apprentices over several months for a number of competitions. All of them went on to do remarkably well at the state championships in the Saarland and Rhineland-Palatinate, proving that Terex provides outstanding training. Elias Sutter himself landed first place at the Saarland state championship and then at the nationals. He then spent one week at a training camp in Kaiserslautern, where he not only practiced the art of achieving the perfect weld, but also focused on planning and welding calculations.


Dr. Klaus Beulker, Location Manager and General Manager for Terex in Zweibrücken, commented: “We’re all tremendously proud of Mr. Sutter and would like to thank our instructors for the enormous work they put into supporting our apprentices during the entire time they are with us. We believe in our future generations and put our heart and soul into making sure that we train them for a bright future.”



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Picture captions:

Vizemeister: from left to right.: Tobias Piesch, Terex apprentice Elias Sutter, Janik Schmidt and coach Martin Schneider from Deutschen Schweißverband DVS in Kaiserslautern. Philipp Schreier is missing – he took the picture.




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