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first new terex crane for altida ltd


ZWEIBRÜCKEN, May 19, 2016 – ALTIDA Ltd, have taken delivery of its first new Terex crane. The Terex AC100/4L all terrain crane joins Altida’s fleet of existing machines purchased when the company was first formed just over a year ago. These include a Terex AC 40/2L, AC 50-1, two AC 30, three AC 40 City and an AC 140 Compact.


Altida is the brain child of managing director, Lee Fletcher. Lee comments: “We had been hiring in cranes to support the activities of our other businesses - overhead cranes and fabrications - for some time. It suddenly seemed only sensible to develop our own fleet and thereby create a separate trading company.”


“We now have a fleet of fifteen cranes and an impressive customer base of our own. There was clearly a gap in the market for high quality crane hire and transport at a competitive price, and we are now filling it.”


“The decision to purchase the AC 100/4L was a very easy one, once we had looked at the alternatives on offer. Especially as our pre-owned Terex cranes had proved so successful. We wanted a narrow, compact crane with a long boom and good duties to fit in with our existing fleet.”


In the 100 tonne capacity class, Altida’s Terex AC 100/4L has been supplied with a 59.4 metre main boom and 19 metre fly jib fitted to a 2.55 metre wide chassis. Carrying 19.3 tonnes of counterweight on board, and equipped with the Terex IC-1 Plus Contros System, the crane can be configured in confined spaces with each outrigger in a different position.


An industry first, the crane also features Intelligent CWT Monitoring ensuring that the operator always benefits from the correct configuration.


Andrew Snow, Terex regional manager, says: “Altida are a successful and fast growing business. We are delighted to be contributing to their growth and development in such a positive way.”


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Picture caption: Shane Stephen-Hill, opps manager and Lee Fletcher, managing director, Altida Ltd. in front of the company’s new AC 100/4L






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