IC-1 Control System

RT 90 DTI controls
Built on the field-proven Demag technology and customized to the needs of rough terrain operators, the IC-1 control system delivers precise and smooth control of swing movements and gives operators access to real-time information for quick diagnostics in the field.

Intuitive Design

With graphics placed on the crane setup screen for easy recognition, the IC-1 control system offers fast and intuitive setup with fewer touches required than with competitive control systems. The system automatically monitors crane operations and allows intuitive adjustments to be made quickly and effortlessly from a full-color touchscreen monitor that is easily viewed at all angles and in all ambient light conditions.

Precise & Smooth Control
IC-1 delivers precise and smooth control of swing movements. Automatic throttle enables crane operators to focus solely on lift operations without the need to control the throttle pedal, while saving fuel at the same time. The system’s two-axis electro-proportional joysticks deliver simple control of multiple functions, such as boom up/down and main hoist operation to maintain load height, with a single hand.

Customization Works for You
Crane movements can be customized and stored to meet special working conditions from high precision for difficult assembly work to high-speed operation, including concrete work. The IC-1 control system stores the last crane configuration, even after shutdown, so the operator can quickly get to work at the start of the next shift.

Advanced Diagnostics
Advanced diagnostics offered by the IC-1 control system provides the ability to diagnose an issue by function, allowing the user to quickly pinpoint and fix the problem for maximum uptime. The monitor displays full-text error codes for quick troubleshooting without the need to refer to decode the problem.
Specification Value
Available For Models RT 90, RT 100US