Demag Tech Inside

When Quality & Reliability meet Innovation.

We combine two strong crane brands, Terex and Demag, known for quality and reliability and worldwide service.

Associating the two brands gives us the unique opportunity to capitalize on the technological innovation of Demag. With „Demag Tech Inside”, we put the power of innovation to work for you as your Terex crane now incorporates Demag components and technology.

With „Demag Tech Inside”, we support you on the road to success.
This is Terex Cranes.

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  • RT 90 DTI controls

    IC-1 Control System

    Built on the field-proven Demag technology and customized to the needs of rough terrain operators, the IC-1 control system delivers precise and smooth control of swing movements and gives operators access to real-time information for quick diagnostics in the field.

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    Available For Models RT 90, RT 100US
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