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Terex® AC 100/4 L – Long boom now available



ZWEIBRÜCKEN, February 25, 2009 Terex Cranes is introducing the compact Terex® AC 100/4L all-terrain crane, featuring a main boom with a length of 59.4 m. The crane is optimized for a broad range of applications. Together with its variable extension system, the crane reaches an impressive maximum system length of 81.7 m.


“Our customers wish for both compactness and long system lengths in a crane – with the AC 100/4L we have a crane available that is easy to operate and meets our customers’ demands,” explains Thomas Hartmann, Sales Director, Terex Cranes.


Terex® AC 100/4L Technical Specifications:


· The Terex® AC 100/4L sets a new standard by combining a capacity of 100 tonnes with standard truck dimensions, i.e., a width of only 2.55 m when equipped with large 445/95R25 tires

· With a 59.4 meter telescopic boom and a 19 meter double fly jib, the AC 100/4 L achieves the longest system length (78.4 meters) that can travel on four axles with an axle load of 12 tonnes or less.

· The crane’s maximum system length is an impressive 81.7 m.


The AC 100/4L is equipped with an innovative variable system used for extending its main boom. The 19 meter-long double fly jib enhances the crane’s versatility, as it can be mounted directly on the telescopic boom or on an additional 8-meter extension that is installed between the telescopic boom and the double fly jib. It makes the rigging on the jobsite fast, as the 19m double fly jib can be transported within a 12 tonne axle load.


Taking the crane’s flexibility one step further, Terex engineers designed the crane in such a way that the 19-meter double fly jib can not only be offset by itself on the extension: it is also possible for the entire 27 meters, i.e., the 19 meter-long double fly jib and the 8 meter-long extension together, to be offset on the telescopic boom. This novel approach makes it possible to either work with a large working radius or to overcome projecting edges of up to 63 meters.

To top it all off, there is an available option that makes it possible for the 19 meter-long double fly jib to be offset hydraulically, which provides even more operational flexibility of the crane.


The AC 100/4 L is designed for a wide range of applications. No other four-axle crane can claim to be as well-suited to operations characteristic of lifting capacity classes ranging from approx. 55 tonnes to 130 tonnes.

The crane’s compact dimensions also make it an ideal machine for projects involving tight spaces, which otherwise can be reached only by smaller-class cranes in some cases. Since the crane can achieve outstanding lifting capacities within an axle load of 12 tonnes, i.e., without the need for transporting additional equipment, it can also be used effectively in operations involving lifting capacities as small as approx. 50 tonnes.

The crane’s telescopic boom, measuring nearly 60 meters, enables it to handle jobs that previously required a significantly larger five-axle machine from the 130 ton class.


The following lifting capacities are provided to exemplify the versatility and power of the AC 100/4 L:

- 0.7 tonnes with a maximum radius of 54 meters, the main boom, and the full counterweight

- 0.8 tonnes with a maximum radius of 38 meters, the main boom, and a counterweight within an axle load of 12 tonnes.

- 30.1 tonnes with a radius of 10 meters, 6.0 tonnes with a radius of 30 meters and the full counterweight

- 17.8 tonnes with a radius of 10 meters, 2.5 tonnes with a radius of 30 meters with a counterweight within an axle load of 12 metric tonnes.


Four standard outrigger bases provide a maximum degree of flexibility under demanding operating conditions. This means that the machine’s capabilities can be achieved even when there are space constraints that prevent the outriggers from being fully extended. The automatic counterweight setting system is quick and easy to use. A powerful 335 kW (445 HP) Daimler engine is responsible for the crane’s road-traveling capabilities and for keeping fuel consumption low.


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