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ZWEIBRÜCKEN, GERMANY, NOVEMBER 5, 2010 – With the help of a Terex® CC 9800, Aurich-based ENERCON GmbH recently erected three E-126 wind turbines in Naumburg-Stößen (Saxony-Anhalt).


With a rated power of 7.5 MW, ENERCON E-126 wind turbines are some of the most powerful in the world, and their components have the size to match. One of the most important challenges during the project was to lift the fully-assembled 350-tonne nacelle to a height of 138 meters in a single lift in order to save time.


“We went to various crane manufacturers with this challenge, and ultimately decided on the Terex® CC 9800 after the manufacturer assured us, while discussing the relevant design aspects, that they would be delivering the crawler crane with a four-meter-wide main boom,” explains Ludger Janßen, General Manager of the assembly company Energieanlagen-Montage GmbH. Most notably, this widened boom system provides larger lifting capacities – in fact, the unit’s maximum load moment is 26,930 mt when working with a radius of 24 meters and an 800-tonne Superlift counterweight. The crane, configured according to the customer’s specifications, was delivered in November 2009 at the first E-126 site in Emden, Germany, and has since proven its worth time and time again.


The CC 9800 features a special configuration option for erecting wind turbines with outputs over 6 MW. With a 138 m main boom and an 18 m extension, the crane is able to reach a lifting capacity of 360 tonnes and a hook height of 154 meters. The longest available SWSL combination, in fact, consists of a 108-meter main boom with a 120-meter luffing jib, resulting in a maximum hook height of over 222 meters. In Stößen, the Terex® CC 9800 handily managed the required load and height with a 138-meter SSL/LSL plus 18-meter LF configuration. “The location made it impossible to move the crawler crane around, so we had to set it up before erecting each turbine. But thanks to the Terex® CC 9800’s user-friendly design, setting it up took only a week,” said crane operator André Engel. This enables the company to carry out up to nine projects a year with the CC 9800, and the unit is, in fact, fully booked for 2011, as of this writing. Moreover, Terex optimized the machine for cost-effective transportation to ensure that the crane was highly mobile.


The crane operator was pleased with the crane’s power and its sensitive and precise handling under any conditions, calling it, “an outstanding engineering achievement.”


However, a crane’s performance characteristics are only one part of the equation. The other part consists of the ease-of-use for operators, and the Terex® CC 9800 certainly succeeded in this area too. “The IC 1 touchscreen monitor for controlling the cable winches has raised the bar, in particular. Now it’s possible to make adjustments in a matter of seconds. I wouldn’t want to have to do without it now,” stressed Engel.



Since its foundation in 1984, ENERCON has become one of the world’s leading wind power companies. The company, Germany’s market leader, employs more than 12,000 people directly and indirectly across the globe, and its 17,000 wind power plants installed in over 30 countries firmly place it among the leading international manufacturers in the field.


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