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Zweibrücken, Germany, November 12, 2010 - More than 900 customers from 42 countries worldwide joined the Terex Cranes team for a Customer Event hosted at the company’s Wallerscheid production facility, near Zweibrücken, Germany. The event was highlighted by demonstrations of a wide variety of cranes and new product developments.


“At challenging times like these, it’s particularly important to focus on new products and innovations that support customers’ specific needs. Our latest developments have been designed to fulfill an increasing demand for productivity and profitability in today’s crane markets in a broad field of applications”, says Doug Friesen, Vice President and Managing Director, Terex Cranes. “This event was a unique opportunity to demonstrate first hand, how Terex Cranes provides customers with the efficient solutions and dedicated service they need to serve their current and future business success”.


Guests were shown the New Terex® Challenger 3160 All Terrain crane prototype, a compact, powerful, “state-of-the-art” one-man crane. Scheduled for launch in early 2012, the Challenger 3160 is the only 3-axle, 55-tonne class capacity machine equipped with a 50-metre single cylinder telescopic boom and designed for one person operation. Self-contained within the 12 tonne per axle weight limit, it will lift 35.6 tonnes at 4 meter radius. In countries where axle load limits are 10 tonnes, the crane can de-rig its own counterweight for an all-up weight of less than 30 tonnes. Equipped with anti-lock disc brakes and active all-wheel steering for maneuverability and reduced wear on tyres and brakes, this new model also offers surprisingly low fuel consumption and emissions.


Also on show was the Terex® AC 1000, unveiled at Bauma earlier this year. Designed for “super-size” construction, wind turbine and high-rise building applications, this crane is believed to be the most powerful “boom-on” road-mobile All Terrain crane in the world, offering remarkable compact size and versatility for a crane in the 1200-tonne (1320 US ton) capacity class.

The AC 1000 was driven into the demo area in roadable configuration for 12-tonne axle load markets, which includes its 50-metre main boom, large 445/95R25 (16.00R25) tyres, a 1-sheaved 44-tonne hook block and two self-assembly outriggers. Three trucks followed behind carrying 4 main outriggers, 68 tonnes of counterweight and 50-metre boom insert -- for a total telescopic boom length of 100 meters.

The demonstration illustrated the speed at which the crane can be rigged, then prepared to move on to another jobsite rapidly with a minimum number of extra vehicles. Using only two trucks for outriggers and 68-tonne counterweight, the AC 1000 rigged its 4 main outriggers within just 40 minutes, without the assistance of a second crane, and was ready to lift 30 tonnes at 18 meter radius – a job that usually gets done by a fully rigged 200-tonne mobile crane.

Within a further 30 minutes, the machine was working with 68 tonnes counterweight enabling lifts up to 219 tonnes at 10 meters radius, 63 tonnes at 20 meter radius or 142 tonnes at 50 meter main boom length. These performances are 80% above those of a 500-tonne mobile crane using the same counterweight and 30% higher on radius than a 500-tonne mobile crane with 180 tonnes of counterweight - without the need for two extra vehicles to transport and rig the additional 120 tonnes counterweight as required when operating a 500-tonne mobile crane. Overall, the AC 1000 provides capacities 30% higher than a standard 700-tonne mobile crane.

The capabilities of the New Terex® Roadmaster 5300, the company’s new 100-tonne capacity class truck-mounted crane, were also demonstrated. Simple, versatile and economical to operate, the Roadmaster 5300 uses an innovative superstructure design and outrigger frame concept. Ideal as a taxi crane, for crane rigging, residential construction, equipment placement and for rental companies, it features a 2.55 meter wide, 10.6-m long, 5-axle truck carrier, a main boom length of 50 m, and a maximum system length of 69 meters respectively. Efficient and simple for use by one crane operator, the new Roadmaster 5300 is capable of lifting a high load, in ready roadable configuration, without the need for additional transport, supported by YX-type outriggers for excellent stability.

Other products seen in action included the Terex® AC 350/6 and Terex® AC 40 City All Terrain cranes produced in Zweibrücken, Germany, the Terex® RT 100 Rough Terrain crane from Crespellano, Italy, the Terex® CBR 32 Plus Self Erecting Tower Crane from Fontanafredda, Italy as well as the new Terex Cranes Fall Protection safety feature for the company’s Crawler Crane range.


Terex Cranes President, Rick Nichols said, “Our customers know what their business needs and we value their opinion highly. This unique event was also important as an opportunity for our customers and teams to meet and exchange ideas on business today, and how to adapt to new challenges tomorrow. Given the shared enthusiasm, it is clear that our Customer Day was as interesting as it was profitable for everyone - and we feel confident about future prospects”.



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