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Zweibrücken, GERMANY, February 14, 2011. Terex Cranes will be exhibiting seven cranes at CONEXPO 2011, 22 – 26 March, in Las Vegas, including three new boom truck and truck crane models designed for the specific needs of North American customers.

Live product demonstrations at the Terex Booth, #140 on the Gold Lot will be provided to showcase both the new products and significant improvements to the others on display with the goal of helping customers become more productive and profitable. Descriptions of Terex Cranes products at CONEXPO follow:

New Terex® Crossover 6000 boom truck: Easily configurable for road transport in all 50 states, the brand new Terex® Crossover 6000 boom truck offers a 110 ft (33.5 m) maximum boom length and 170 ft (51.6 m) maximum system length, providing excellent lifting performance across all configurations at all lifting radii. This totally new boom truck model provides efficient, reliable service for long hours on the jobsite. Its maximum lifting capacity is 60 US tons (54t).

New Terex® T 100 truck crane: Featuring an innovative, ergonomic operator and driver cab designed for exceptional working comfort, combined with heavy lifting power and highway mobility, the new Terex® T 100 truck crane is easily configurable for road transport in all 50 US states. Capable of heavy lifts of up to 100 US tons (90 t) and equipped with a 164.5 ft (50 m) boom for a maximum system length of 242.8 ft (74 m), this new model offers excellent capacities across all configurations at all lifting radii.

Terex® RT 100 rough terrain crane with special update: This updated version of the Terex® RT 100 rough terrain crane boasts an extra long 174 ft ( 53 m) boom allowing lifts of up to 100 US tons (90 t) without the need for jib extensions or inserts. Providing excellent ground clearance and three-mode steering, its optimized 223 ft (68 m) system length and compact footprint provide exceptional maneuverability to work in confidence even on the roughest terrain. Conveniently equipped with a new self-removing counterweight, this updated rough terrain unit is easily adaptable for road transport.

New Terex BT 28106 boom truck: Offering lifting capacities up to 28 US tons (25.4 t), the Terex® BT 28106 is equipped with a 106 ft (32.3 m) boom for a maximum system length of 162 ft (49.4 m). Offering behind the cab mounting with dual operator control, 370° non-continuous rotation without the use of a front outrigger, and equipped with an electronic load moment indicator with work area definition, this new boom truck combines the advantages of excellent light lifting performance with increased versatility, operator comfort and safety.

Terex® AC 350/6 all-terrain crane: By far the most powerful and compact 6-axle all terrain crane in the 400-US ton (350 t) capacity class currently available on today’s market, the Terex® AC 350/6 boasts exceptional lifting capacity and operator safety. Featuring a state-of-the-art fall arrest system for safe access during work at height and patented luffing jib rigging system, the AC 350/6 enables fast, easy rigging and safety. Offering a maximum telescopic boom length of up to 210 ft (64 meters) for an impressively compact maximum system length of 412.4 ft (125.7 m), this powerful, versatile 6-axle crane can out-lift the performance of larger cranes in the 440 US tons (400t) capacity class in a number of jobsite situations. Additional attachments can be loaded onto conventional trucks within a width of 8.4 ft (2.55 m).

Terex® HC 165 hydraulic crawler crane: As just one model in the HC line of seven hydraulic crawler cranes, the Terex® HC 165 is fully self-erecting and combines many features designed to maximize up-time and minimize maintenance costs. With its simple design and ergonomic cab layout, it is engineered for operator comfort and performance. All of its controls are common between the different models of the HC range. Providing lifting capacities of up to 165 US tons (150 t), its standard boom reaches up to 240 ft (73 m) with hammer head tip boom and a maximum boom length of 270 ft (82.3 m) with an offset tip. A maximum reach of up to 320 ft (97.5m) can be achieved by using a combination of 240 ft (73.2 m) of “77SI” offset tip boom with 80ft (24.4m) of “#16HL jib”. Equipped with standard “Free-Fall”, for its main, auxiliary and optional third hoist drum, the HC 165 also offers increased capacity at working radii with the counterweight plus feature, and is capable of lifting its entire counterweight stack into position in a single operation.


Terex® SK 415-20 tower crane: Equipped with the new EVO15 cab to provide superior visibility and operator comfort, the SK 415-20 features a new maximum jib length of 262.4 ft (80 m). Its maximum capacity is 22 US tons (20 t), and the jib tip capacity at maximum jib length is 2.3 tonnes. A new HD23-TS212 transfer mast is available, enhancing the application possibilities on the jobsite by increasing the crane’s free standing capabilities to 300.5 ft (91.6m). The SK 415-20 is designed for precise load movement and excellent maneuverability on the jobsite.


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