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Terex® AC 100/4L GIVES A lift to public debut OF new Mercedes-Benz Actros AT NÜRBURGRING


ZWEIBRÜCKEN, July 27th, 2011 – A Terex® AC 100/4L proved essential in helping Mercedes-Benz with the public debut presentation of its new Actros truck (set to have its official market launch November 2011) during the Truck-Grand-Prix 2011 at Nürburgring (July 8th–July 10th). In order to show the new truck tractors in their best light, the manufacturer chose a couple of extraordinary display areas. With the help of the AC 100/4L, Blankenheim-based crane service provider Kurth-Autokrane lifted the tractors (which weighed up to eight tonnes each) onto a stage and onto the pit lane’s roof.


“Normally, lifting a few eight-tonne loads is nothing out of the ordinary for us, but in this case we had to overcome a few unique challenges,” comments Kurth-Autokrane project manager Frank Rodert. On one hand, the pre-production vehicles were extremely valuable and could not be damaged in any way while being secured and lifted. A team of specially-trained slinging experts was put in charge of tackling this issue, and did so with the help of a Krause recovery system that uniformly transmits lifting forces to the axles of the vehicle.

On the other hand, the job was characterized by a lack of space and by the pressure of time. While the first lifting operation was taking place, a series of preparations for the Truck-Grand-Prix were already taking place, and as if that were not enough, the paddock had to be closed off for the second lifting operation. “And, of course, everything had to be done as quickly as possible,” explains Rodert.



A Compact Design Proves to Be a Crucial Advantage


Thanks to its compact design, the AC 100/4L proved to be the ideal choice for the tight space conditions at the site. “Most cranes with this kind of lifting capacity have a vehicle width of 2.75 meters, but the AC 100/4L is only 2.55 meters wide - in this particular case, every single one of those centimeters counted,” emphasizes crane operator Josef Drodten. Its design enabled the Terex crane to lift the truck tractors to heights of up to 18 meters while working with reaches of 12 to 16 meters using a standard configuration with an additional ballast of 10.1 tonnes. Moreover, the fact that the crane was powered by one of their own Daimler engines was certainly noted by the Mercedes-Benz representatives present at the event, who were glad to see their engine at work in the AC 100/4L. Finally, the AC 100/4L’s ease of operation and high precision levels more than matched the crane operator’s expectations, helping him perform the lift on top of the pit lane within the expected timeframe so that the paddock could be opened on time.


At Nürburgring, Mercedes-Benz presented to the public four units of their new Actros truck allowing visitors to take a closer look at the vehicle for the first time. Mercedes says they have developed the Actros to meet customer needs for economy, safe driving dynamics, and driver comfort. It features a new cabin program, new engines, and a new chassis.




The Terex® AC 100/4L


The compact Terex® AC 100/4L telescopic all-terrain crane is the only 100-tonne capacity crane with a width of 2.55 meters (when equipped with large 445/95R25 tires) to fit within standard truck dimensions. With a telescopic main boom of 59.4 meters and a 19-meter-long double folding jib, the crane also features the longest system length (78.4 meters) that can travel on four axles while complying with a 12-tonne axle load limit. The crane’s working range is approximately 55 tonnes to 130 tonnes, with a maximum system length of 81.7 meters achieved by a highly versatile extension system design. The 19-meter-long double folding jib can be mounted directly on the telescopic boom or on an additional 8-meter extension installed between the telescopic boom and the double folding jib. This results in a fast setup process at the construction site, as the 19-meter double folding jib can be transported on the crane without exceeding the aforementioned 12-tonne axle load limit.


It is important to emphasize that it is possible to offset either the 19-meter double folding jib on the extension or the entire 27 meters (the 19-meter double jib plus the 8-meter extension) on the telescopic boom. This makes it possible to either work with a large working radius or overcome projecting edges of up to 63 meters.


A powerful 335-kW (445 hp) Daimler engine delivers cost-effective operation, excellent road-traveling capability, and efficient fuel consumption.



About Kurth Autokrane GmbH & Co. KG

“Cranes and more.” This is the motto that has been behind Blankenheim-based Kurth Autokrane GmbH’s comprehensive services ever since 1999. The company’s range of services goes from crane services, such as towing, recovery, and special factory projects; through heavy load transportation services; all the way to training courses and aerial work platform rentals, even including crane operations planning for loads of up to 500 tonnes throughout all of Germany. The company also has operations in neighboring countries such as Belgium.

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Terex Corporation is a diversified global manufacturer operating in four business segments: Terex Aerial Work Platforms, Terex Construction, Terex Cranes, and Terex Materials Processing. Terex manufactures a broad range of equipment for use in various industries, including the construction, infrastructure, quarrying, mining, shipping, transportation, energy, refining, and utility industries. Terex offers financial products and services to assist in the acquisition of Terex equipment through Terex Financial Services. More information on Terex can be found at








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