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New Terex® Toplift 025G and 055g truck cranes boast new
features, styling and standardization with terex crane family



Luzhou, China, October 21st, 2011 – The new Terex® Toplift 025G and 055G truck cranes from the Terex Chang Jiang joint venture boast many of the same technological innovations found throughout the entire Terex family of cranes. Built with pride in Luzhou, China, the new 25- and 55-tonne class cranes represent the next advancement in bringing Terex design, operation and styling to the China market. Operators of the new Toplift cranes will experience a user interface, ergonomic control layout, and look and feel common to Terex crane models working in other major world markets.

“The Toplift 025G and 055G cranes are a monumental step forward. They are true Terex cranes that share more common features and styling details than ever before,” says Ken Lousberg, president of Terex China. Frank Bardonaro, vice president & managing director global sales for Terex Cranes adds, “The new truck cranes incorporate designs based on extensive customer and dealer feedback. They blend Chang Jiang’s legacy for strength and lift performance with the latest Terex innovations.”

Spacious new driver and operator cab designs greatly increase operator comfort and efficiency. The cabs are based on the same designs found on Terex all terrain cranes operating globally. Abundant leg and shoulder room, adjustable suspension seat, ergonomic control placement, and available heating and air conditioning provide the operator with an environment that enhances productivity over extended hours.

Large cabin windows provide excellent visibility to lift points and to the left and right sides of the crane. The rated capacity indicator features a graphical display that provides immediate feedback of load weight and alerts the operator before the load is outside the rated lifting capacity for radius and configuration. Left- and right-hand pilot-actuated multi axis joysticks provide efficient and intuitive control over boom raise/lower, upper carriage slewing, boom extension/retraction, line raise/lower, and auxiliary second winch operation.

Both cranes feature hydraulic hose and electrical wire routing common to other Terex crane models. Banjo-type connector fittings and secured hydraulic line routing enhance crane longevity. Additional crimping and plastic tubing protect electrical wires during operation to improve the crane’s jobsite availability.

A new five-section boom design weighs less without sacrificing lift performance. The engines powering both cranes offer the latest in emissions control technology and meet China’s National Exhaust Standard IV. Featuring a simple swing out design, the crane’s jib is quickly locked into operating position via two pins. Maximum travel speeds of 75 and 77 km/h for the Toplift 025G and 055G respectively reduce transport time to and from the jobsite.


About the Terex® Toplift 025G

Built specifically for China’s largest crane market segment, the 25-tonne Terex Toplift 025G features a new transmission that boosts maximum travel speeds by approximately 4 percent over previous class offerings to reduce transport time to jobsites. Once on site, its 39 percent gradeability and 267-mm ground clearance allow the crane to navigate on uneven terrain, so it can be positioned close to the pick. A new enhanced braking system significantly improves braking function and system adjustments.

The crane’s lightweight but powerful five-section boom offers a 39.05-m fully extended boom length and 39.19-m maximum lift height. Its 8.3-m jib manually swings into position and offers 1- and 30-degree offset positions. With a fully extended boom, maximum lift height extends to 48.4 m when using the jib.

The Toplift 025G features a single or dual winch design to accomplish even the most complex lifts for the popular 25-tonne crane market. When secured into position with its four hydraulic outriggers, the Toplift 025G offers a 25,000-kg lift capacity at 3.5-m radius.


About the Terex® Toplift 055G

With its 11.1-m base boom length, the Terex Toplift 055G’s robust five-section decagonal boom features a 42-m fully extended boom length and maximum 42.14-m lift height. Its swing out jib design extends maximum lift height to 56.6 m. The jib manually swings into position and offers 5-, 15-, and 30-degree offset position. Offering a 55,000-kg lift capacity at a 3-m radius and a maximum 32-m fully extended working radius, this Terex crane efficiently handles a wide range of lifting needs.

The Toplift 055G’s powerful 247 kW diesel engine meets National Exhaust Standard IV and features a low cold-start temperature of -30° C. Delivering a maximum travel speed of 77 km/h to quickly get to and from the jobsite, the crane’s manual transmission gearbox boasts ZF-style air-boost shifting for easy navigation through the gear range. A wide wheel base, 40 percent gradeability, two drive axles and two steering axles offer sure-footed on-site maneuverability and power.

About Terex

Terex Corporation is a diversified global manufacturer operating in four business segments: Terex Aerial Work Platforms, Terex Construction, Terex Cranes, and Terex Materials Processing. Terex manufactures a broad range of equipment for use in various industries, including the construction, infrastructure, quarrying, mining, shipping, transportation, energy, refining and utility industries. Terex offers financial products and services to assist in the acquisition of Terex equipment through Terex Financial Services. More information on Terex can be found at



Ribbon cutting 1: from left to right: Dan Micheau, General Manager Terex Chang Jiang; Ron DeFeo, CEO Terex; Ken Lousberg, President Terex China; Xiaoming Mao, General Manager Terex China


Ribbon Cutting 2: from left to right: Dan Micheau, General Manager Terex Chang Jiang; Ron DeFeo, CEO Terex; Ken Lousberg, President Terex China





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