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Tangiers, Morocco, November 29th, 2011 – A Terex® AC 40 Optimax all terrain crane and a specially adapted Terex® TFC 45 reach stacker have recently been delivered to Bouygues T.P., by Terex Cranes distributor Vemat, based in Casablanca, Morocco, for the Bouygues (France), Bymaro (Morocco), Saipem (Italy), and Somagec (Morocco) Consortium. The equipment is being used in the Phase II construction of Morocco’s Tangiers Med port development project, commissioned by the Tangiers Mediterranean Special Agency (TMSA).

Described as one of the largest infrastructure projects ever to be undertaken in Morocco, the future deep-water port and associated free trade zone is located 35 kilometers east of Tangiers on the Mediterranean coast. This is a strategic intersection where major north-south and east-west shipping lanes meet in the Gibraltar Strait, just 14 kilometers across from the Spanish Port of Algeciras.


Aiming to become the Mediterranean region’s key port and hub for container shipments to and from America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, Tangiers Med Phases I and II will ultimately comprise five terminals for container vessels, passenger ships and oil tankers, including three logistics, commercial and industrial free zones.


Delivered to Bouygues in June, the Terex AC 40 Optimax is the first of a series of units purchased by customers in Morocco since the new, 40-tonne capacity class crane was launched in January. Both the Terex AC 40 Optimax, and a specially adapted Terex TFC 45 reach stacker, equipped with a rotating hook instead of the standard spreader, are being used to assist in the construction of a massive, two-kilometer long, 37-meter high sea wall that will protect the port and docks from the open sea.


Bouygues was awarded the contract to build this crucial element of the port’s structure on the basis of an economical and environmentally-friendly solution using 7,500 cast-concrete Accropode™* units and forty reinforced, sand-filled “caissons”. The structure will enable the port’s overall area to increase by approximately 18-hectares.


Built over a quarried stone embankment, the caissons are sunk 20 meters deep to form the center of the sea wall. The Accropode™ units are placed on the sea-facing side of the barrier, in shallower waters, as protection against breaking waves and the subsequent effects of erosion. This alternative offers significantly lower environmental impact, and will enable the construction to be completed more rapidly by reducing the quantities of material required to build the huge barrier from 21 to seven million tonnes.


A challenging deadline and the hot, dusty working conditions of the Tangiers Med jobsite put the Terex AC 40 Optimax to the test. Combining the advantages of robust versatility and reduced maintenance costs with simple, cost-effective operation, this new crane model is the outcome of a project that began in early 2010. “Specially optimized and positioned at a suitable price for their market, our North African customers have been quick in recognizing how the AC 40 Optimax can benefit the productivity and profitability of their business,” says Domenico Paduano, Managing Director, Vemat.

As Mr. Anas, Equipment Purchases Manager, Bouygues, explains, “Our Terex AC 40 Optimax is the perfect all-rounder.” From work in the stone quarry, loading and unloading tonnes of gravel and sand for concrete-making, to assisting in the erection of other cranes or moving equipment around the jobsite, the new crane model has proved to be extremely reliable and productive in heavy general handling duties. “Its simple, one-man operation is another advantage,” says Anas. “Our operators find it to maneuver easily and perform virtually any task rapidly. Purchased new rather than used, its straightforward design will deliver the reliable results we need in the long-term.”


The Terex TFC 45 is busy at work on another of the jobsite’s locations where its rugged reliability and productivity is well-suited to the task at hand: Cast in concrete on-site, then transported to another area where they are stored and left to dry, the Accropode™ units are produced at the rate of 30 a day. Made in sizes ranging from four to 16 cubic meters, the heaviest units weigh up to 40 tonnes. Once they have dried, the TFC 45 is used to lift and carry the blocks to trucks, then transport them to the sea- front where they are placed into their final position by a larger crane.


Built to lift and transport heavy loads rapidly, the Terex TFC 45 reach stacker purchased by Bouygues for the Tangiers Med jobsite is specially adapted to work with a rotating hook attachment to stock, carry and load Accropodes™, which form the final protective barrier of the port’s sea wall. “Equipped with its rotating hook attachment, our TFC 45 stacker combines the heavy lifting performance and precision of a crane, even on rough ground, with the carrying speeds we need,” says Anas. “Since it first started operating in July, the machine has been working virtually non-stop. We are fully satisfied with the performance and efficient rate at which our TFC 45 has been handling its constant heavy workload. This is exactly what we need here in Tangiers to complete the job within a rapidly approaching 2012 deadline.”


Once the Terex TFC 45 has fulfilled its role constructing the port, it will be able to be converted on-site by Vemat’s technicians to take on a new function using a spreader in one of Tangiers Med’s new container port terminals.


* Accropode™: patented by SOGREAH for the protection of port sea walls and coastal structures.



About the Terex® AC 40 Optimax all terrain crane

The Terex AC 40 Optimax is designed for simplicity and cost-effective performance. As easy to maintain as it is to use by a single crane operator, the proven robust design of this highly versatile, 40-tonne capacity class, 2-axle all terrain crane combines high-lifting capacity and maneuverability. Offering a maximum lifting capacity of 35 tonnes at 3-meter radius, its synchronized telescopic boom – available with three or four sections (fourth section with chain - can be extended rapidly to provide a maximum reach of up to 23.4 meters (77 feet) and 30.4 meters (100 feet) respectively. Two, driven and steered axles with planetary hub reduction, and 4 x 4 control from both cabs ensure easy one man operation and high maneuverability. Powered by a 205 KW (279 HP) engine, the boom can be telescoped to its maximum length rapidly. An ergonomic operator cab equipped with Load Moment Indicator, digital LCD display and tinted windows provides excellent operational comfort and safety. Air-conditioning is optional.


About the Terex® TFC 45 reach stacker

Reputed for its rugged reliability and efficiency in challenging port terminal environments, the Terex TFC 45 is one of the company’s most popular, time-proven models. Offering maximum lifting capacities up to 45-tonnes - 1st row (50 US tons), 27-tonnes – 2nd row (30 US tons) and 13-tonnes – 3rd row (14 US tons) for full, bulk and high-cube containers up to 5-high on the first row, the TFC 45 and is available in standard "spreader" and “special attachment” versions tailored to a wide range of applications.

About Terex

Terex Corporation is a diversified global manufacturer of a broad range of equipment that is focused on delivering reliable, customer-driven solutions for many applications, including the construction, infrastructure, quarrying, mining, shipping, transportation, refining, energy, utility and manufacturing industries. Terex reports in five business segments: Aerial Work Platforms; Construction; Cranes; Material Handling & Port Solutions; and Materials Processing. Terex offers financial products and services to assist in the acquisition of equipment through Terex Financial Services. More information can be found at




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